Photo by pittaya via Flickr. Used under CC license

During CES 2017, Kodak announced it would revive the film stock it discontinued in 2012, Ektachrome. The announcement was well received, and was itself the result of an uptick in professional film sales, something that has also spurred Kodak toward another possible revival: Kodachrome. Eastman Kodak's President of Consumer and Film division and Chief Marketing Officer Steve Overman confirmed as much during a recent The Kodakery podcast.

The Kodakery team spoke with Overman from the Kodak booth during CES, and near the end of the discussion they mentioned the Ektachrome revival. That topic snowballed into a confirmation from Overman that Kodak is likewise looking into bringing Kodachrome back, but plans to do so haven’t been finalized at this time.

Overman works for US-based Eastman Kodak but it seems likely the company would follow the pattern seen with its recent Ektachrome announcement, and work with UK-based company Kodak Alaris to release a stills version of the film to photographic markets.

It took less effort and time to bring Ektachrome film back, Overman explained, which is why it was given precedence. He went on to say, though, that 'people love Kodak’s heritage products and I feel, personally, that we have a responsibility to deliver on that love.' 

Via: PetaPixel