Before there were smartphones, disposable cameras used to be the go-anywhere cameras of choice for many casual photographers. If you are the nostalgic type, you can now get a simulated disposable camera experience on your iPhone, thanks to the new Gudak app by Korean startup Screw Bar.

Like a real disposable camera, the app offers a “film roll” of 24 shots and a small viewfinder.

Shoot through that roll and, once you've finished, it is sent to the app's "lab" where it's kept for three days of processing. You also have to wait twelve hours until you can "insert" a new roll of film, which means you probably want to be pretty careful with your shot selection.

Processed images show the typical color casts and occasional light leaks that should be familiar to anyone who has ever used a real disposable camera. If that sounds appealing (if a bit nostalgic and silly) to you, you can download the app now on the Apple App Store for $0.99. No word yet on an Android version.