Skylum Software—the artist formerly known as Macphun—has released a major update to its photo editing program Luminar. The update, known as Luminar Jupiter, brings more than 300 updates and improvements, including a big performance boost for both Mac and Windows users, automatic lens correction tools, a new Raw conversion engine, and much more.

One of the biggest improvements Luminar Jupiter brings is speed. According to Skylum, the update improves performance by up to 5x on Windows devices and a whopping 12x on MacOS, as illustrated in the graphics below:

Comparison charts for Luminar 2018 running on a Mid-2015 15" MacBook Pro.
Comparison charts for Luminar 2018 running on a custom-built PC.

Beyond speed, the core of the update is two new features available in both the Windows and MacOS versions of Luminar 2018. They are: automatic lens correction controls and an improved Raw conversion engine that's said to yield better exposure calculation, cleaner gradients, minimized chromatic aberrations and more robust camera compatibility.

Windows users in particular gain numerous new features including batch processing, an improved cloning tool, and better masking controls, while Mac users gain advanced digital camera profiles.

The Luminar Jupiter update is available now as a free update to owners of Luminar 2018. Luminar 2017 owners can upgrade for $50, while entirely new users can grab the most recent version of Luminar for $70. To find out more or to purchase Luminar 2018 for yourself, head over to the Skylum Software website.

Press Release

CORRECTION: Luminar 2018 for new users costs $70 for new users, not $60 as this article previously stated.

Skylum Updates Award-Winning Software with Luminar 2018 Jupiter

Includes Enormous Speed Increases/New Features and Functions

WHO: Skylum Software, creators of multi-award-winning Luminar 2018 imaging software, has added new and improved features with Luminar 2018 Jupiter.

WHAT: Luminar 2018 Jupiter now provides processing speeds up to 5X faster with Windows and 12X faster with Mac.

Additional new features and updates include:

  • Automatic lens correction features (NEW for Mac and Windows)
  • Improved RAW Conversion engine (Mac and Windows)
  • Advanced Digital Camera Profiles (DCP) for Mac

10 NEW features for Windows users including:

  • Batch Processing
  • Free Transform, Flip and Rotate Tools
  • Overall, more than 300 updates and improvements to software

WHEN: Luminar 2018 Jupiter is available now as a free update to current owners of Luminar 2018. Luminar 2017 owners can upgrade for $49 and new customers can purchase Luminar Jupiter for $69 (No annual subscription or software renewal needed). Download software here

WHY: Through the efforts of its internal product development team, Skylum Software has developed one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable universal image processing software in the world. A one time, low-cost purchase with no annual subscription.

DETAILS: Luminar 2018 Jupiter is taking the most complete and cost-effective image processing software and making it a whole lot better by:

  • Increased performance speed by up to 5X (Windows) and 12X (Mac)
  • Automatic Lens Distortion correction (Mac and Windows)
  • Improved RAW Conversion Engine (Mac and Windows)
  • Better exposure calculation
  • Cleaner gradients
  • Fewer halos
  • More cameras, better compatibility
  • Eliminate chromatic aberrations

New Features for Windows

  • Batch processing
  • Better cloning
  • Better masking controls, cleaner zooms, easy transformations
  • Improved workflow with other applications (as a plugin)
  • Share workspaces (remote sharing)

“Our loyal community of users continues to offer ideas for additional features that would benefit their respective workflows, and we continued to listen, learn, and improve,” said Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum. “Our goal is to produce a fast, easy, and feature-rich imaging software that can offer both single-click solutions as well as custom functions for those want absolute control.