Moment has revealed it's discontinued the Android version of its Pro Camera mobile app. The reason, according to a statement shared on Moment's help website, is the difficulty involved in supporting a wide variety of Android devices from different manufacturers, otherwise referred to as fragmentation.

A number of issues compelled Moment to discontinue Pro Camera for Android, the company said in a statement. 'The short is that phone makers like to create their own flavor of Android, each with different amounts of access to select camera features,' Moment said. 'The result has been a random compatibility list where each phone has different features in the app by phone model.'

Moment explains that it repeatedly asked phone manufacturers to make their camera features available to the developer and to share the list of the changes they made to the devices. On top of that, each new Android update released by these companies 'breaks these custom modifications,' making things more difficult for developers.

Ultimately, Moment says that it does not have 'the engineering bandwidth' to continue supporting this app, but that it will continue to make it available in the Google Play Store, where it is sold for $4. The app currently has a low rating of 2.4 out of 5 stars, with users complaining about bugs and missing features.