Obscura 2, an iOS camera app developed by Ben McCarthy, has released an update that adds a histogram visualizer, iPad keyboard shortcuts, a redesigned image viewer and more.

The most obvious change in the updated is the new image viewer interface. Now, the various settings, controls and filters are organized into card-style dialogs within the interface. While this does take up more real estate for each setting, it provides a cleaner look and helps to compartmentalize the various settings.

The new histogram integration provides real-time exposure data by overlaying bars on the bottom of the the the app, behind the buttons. It's nice the histogram is subtle, but it'd be nice to have an option to change the color/opacity on the bars, because the dark grey on black can sometimes be difficult to see.

On iPads, the update adds keyboard shortcuts for taking photos, switching between camera and library modes, applying filters, and navigating through photos that have been captured. Sure, the iPad isn't a camera-first device in any sense, but it's nice to see McCarthy add this sort of functionality.

Overall, it's a solid update with a cleaner UI and a number of functional improvements. Obscura 2 is available on the iOS App Store for $4.99.