Canon has announced a new small-footprint inkjet photo printer, the imageProGraf Pro-300. It produces prints up to 13 x 19" with approximate print speeds as fast as 4 minutes and 15 seconds. The Pro-300 uses 9-color LUCIA PRO plus Chroma Optimizer ink as well as a new matte black ink for improved black density. Users can monitor print status and ink levels via a 3" LCD. It will go on sale later this month for $900.

Also unveiled is the new Premium Fine Art Rough paper with a textured surface. Canon says it's suitable for long-term storage and 25-pack sheets will cost $45 for letter size, $110 for 13 x 19" and $170 for 17 x 22". The new paper is also expected to go on sale later in July.

Press release:


New Premium Fine Art Paper for Professional, Advanced Amateur Photographers and Art Lovers Further Benefitting Image Makers also Introduced

MELVILLE, N.Y., July 9, 2020 –– After taking the time to create your ideal photo, every creative image maker should look to complete the process with a vibrant print to share for everyone to admire. Completing the lineup of professional printer options from 13 inches through 60 inches, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, unveils today the new 13-inch Canon imagePROGRAF
 PRO-300 Inkjet Printer along with a new Premium Fine Art Rough paper. Providing an improved workflow and high-quality output within a smaller footprint compared to previous models, this new printer excels at professional printing performance. Combined with the new Premium Fine Art Rough paper that features a textured surface to express the depth of an image, the printer along with the paper introduces a new powerhouse professional imaging duo that meets creators’ demands.

“With the introduction of the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300, we are continuing our outstanding tradition of creating great quality printers for a variety of image makers, making it easier to print work at home,” said Tatsuro “Tony” Kano, executive vice president of the Canon U.S.A., Inc. Imaging Technologies & Communications Group. “As the creative responsibilities of our customers have evolved and the importance of preserving historic moments has increased, it is imperative the features Canon integrates into new solutions and consumables meet the needs, wants and asks of our customers.”

Smaller Footprint Completes the Lineup
There has been a shift in what traditional work and school looks like over the last few months, as many creative-focused jobs, industries and areas of study now require tasks to be completed in non-traditional ways. Without access to a studio, office space or classroom with all the necessary tools and equipment, there is no better time to introduce a professional printer that is 15% smaller than its predecessor. With the addition of the new 13-inch Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 printer, the lineup of professional inkjet printers expands while offering a new space-saving design that is fitting for a home studio or office.

Core features of the newest printer include:

  • 9-color LUCIA PRO plus Chroma Optimizer ink providing expanded color gamut and enhanced black density
  • New matte black ink offering greater black density, smooth gradations and details in darker areas
  • Technologies to help prevent print failures such as a nozzle recovery system and a skew correction function. Nozzles are carefully checked by sensors, and if a clog is detected in one nozzle, others will automatically compensate for it
  • Updates to the Professional Print & Layout software to help create seamless photo printing from image-editing software including Digital Photo Professional and Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Lightroom, or as stand-alone software
  • Improved media compatibility with the additional capability to support panorama-sized paper, and multiple feeding methods for media of varying thicknesses
  • High-speed printing at up to approximately 4 minutes and 15 seconds1 for a bordered 13” x 19” inch print when using Photo Paper Pro Premium paper
    The usability of the imagePROGRAF PRO-300 is also improved with the addition of a 3.0 inch LCD display, allowing the user to check printer status and monitor ink levels at a glance.

New Fine Art Paper
Continuing the theme of high quality to use with the new imagePROGRAF PRO-300 printer: new Premium Fine Art Rough paper is now available in a variety of sizes including 17 inches by 22 inches, 13 inches by 19 inches and Letter sized within a pack of 25 sheets. To help express the depth of an image and add a three-dimensional touch, the new paper consists of a rough texture. The cotton used to create the paper provides a luxurious touch and makes it suitable for long-term storage.

Pricing and Availability of the imagePROGRAF PRO-300 and Premium Fine Art Rough paper
The imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Printer will be available later in July with an MSRP price of $899.99*. Premium Fine Art Rough paper will also be available later in July for an MSRP* of:

  • $44.99, Letter size
  • $109.99, 13” x 19” inches
  • $169.99, 17” x 22” inches

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