Zhong Yi Optics has announced the launch of three new Mitakon Lens Turbo adapters designed for DX-format Nikon Z cameras, such as the Nikon Z50 and the Nikon Z fc. The trio of adapters allow users to mount M42, Canon EF and Nikon F lenses for use on APS-C Z system cameras.

The adapter includes optics to offset the 1.52x crop factor of an APS-C image sensor. The Zhong Yi Lens Turbo adapter includes reduction optics inside, allowing cameras with a smaller sensor to use just shy of the full image circle of lenses designed for full-frame cameras. The adapter's magnification is 0.726x. Zhong Yi Optics also writes that due to the reduction optics, an adapted lens will have a '1-stop increase over the len's aperture range on an APS-C camera.'

For example, when you mount a 15mm full-frame lens onto an APS-C camera, it effectively has the same angle of view as a 22.8mm lens on full frame. However, when using the Zhong Yi Lens Turbo adapter, the angle of view is reduced so that it's equivalent to 16.6mm. Zhong Yi Optics writes, 'The angle of view will therefore be similar to using the lens on a full-frame camera body.'

The adapter is built using a coated metal. It includes four optical elements in three groups and weighs only 233g (8 oz). Zhong Yi has released Lens Turbo adapters for other mounts, but the new one for Nikon Z has an improved design that makes it easier to grip and makes the adapter more robust. The adapter doesn't include an electronic contact, which eliminates autofocus capabilities and communication between the adapted lens and your camera.

When using a Nikon G lens, which has an electronically controlled aperture, the adapter's built-in aperture control ring allows the user to adjust the aperture without an electronic connection.

Concerning image quality, when you add glass between your lens and camera, there's a risk of image quality reduction. While we haven't gone hands-on with the new adapter, Zhong Yi Optics promises image quality in the corners to be 'close' to the lens's native performance. The Zhong Yi Lens Turbo for Nikon Z is a Mark II design. Among its four elements is a single extra-low dispersion element.

The Zhong Yi Mitakon Lens Turbo Mark II for APS-C Nikon Z cameras is available now for $149.