Tripod maker SLIK has introduced its new LITE series. The new models feature a ball head and come in a variety of sizes. Both aluminum and carbon fiber versions are available. All models feature a detachable LED flashlight in the bottom of the center column which should make it easier to find and setup your equipment in the dark.

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The Rapid Flip Mechanism (RFM) comes with a newly designed lever which makes locking and unlocking of the tripod legs faster and easier than on previous models. It also allows for flipping of the legs by 180 degrees, offering easier storage and improved portability.

"We are extremely excited about the design of the LITE series [...] SLIK's long history allows it to spot trends in camera support and improve on those trends, bringing better designed tripods to photographers. The new easier to use Rapid Flip Mechanism and LED Flashlight in the center column make the LITE series the best travel tripods available."

Michael Burnham - SLIK Marketing Manager.

The SLIK LITE tripods are available now at and at photographic retailers. Pricing ranges from $99.95 for the 40-inch aluminum model LITE-AL-420S to $329.95 for the 70-inch carbon fiber model LITE CF-422.

SLIK USA Introduces New Tripod Line: The SLIK LITE Series

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., July 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- SLIK USA, manufacturer of tripods for various uses, is launching its latest line of tripods for photographers: The SLIK LITE Series. This new line of tripods, which is available now at and other retailers, brings to the table a variety of innovations,

The LITE Series features a detachable LED light, which is an industry first. It was designed to help photographers find their gear in darker settings. No more fumbling around for a flashlight or your iPhone. The Rapid Flip Mechanism (RFM)

SLIK USA, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high performance tripods for all levels of photographers. SLIK Tripods was founded in Japan in 1948 and for the past 68 years has been an industry leader in camera support innovation. Over that time, SLIK products have received numerous design awards. The USA imprint of SLIK has brought this technology to the US and begun to expand its brand.