Ready for 8K? Dell's UltraSharp 32" 8K monitor will be the first of its kind to reach the masses when it goes on sale in March. It packs in 33.2MP of resolution (280 ppi) and provides 100% Adobe RGB and sRGB color gamut, which is to say it definitely sports a wide color gamut. If that sounds enticing, you might want to start saving: it'll start at $4999 when it goes on sale March 23rd. 

A thin 9.7mm bezel keeps it looking sleek, and the monitor offers two Displayport 1.3 connections and four USB 3.0 ports. Dell's product information claims the monitor displays 1.07 billion colors (10-bit panel), and lists an X-Rite color checker as 'optional hardware,' but we're pretty sure you'd want to throw one of those in too. Brightness tops out at 400 nits, with a static contrast ratio of 1300:1. Neither figures are quite high enough for proper HDR viewing, but they're a bit better than what we expect from IPS screens. Still, don't expect the display to offer anywhere near the contrast even VA LCD panels offer (4000:1 typical), not to mention OLED (infinite:1). Nor the brightness of quantum dot displays, which can display small (typically 2%) windows at 1500 nits, or LG's newest OLED displays that can hit 700 nits.

PCWorld points out that just because you can buy an 8K monitor doesn't mean you should pull the trigger just yet. They suggest waiting until GPUs can keep up, which will likely be later this year. Until then, your computer or laptop will likely have trouble actually maintaining that resolution at reasonable refresh rates (typically 60Hz for computer use), risking choppy performance. And there are likely other monitors out there that'll offer other advantages, like higher contrast ratio (Dell OLED vaporware anyone?)

So are you ready to shell out $5000 for 8K, or will you wait a while? Or would you rather shell out that $5000 for Dell's 4K OLED display that has mysteriously vanished after its 2016 announcement? Let us know in the comments.