Skitch is a photo editing tool for visualizing large-scale projects.

Skitch for iOS, Android and Windows 8 released a series of updates yesterday for Android and Windows 8. The photo service is primarily for note taking on photos for projects like remodels and was bought by Evernote in 2011. 

Earlier this year, Evernote made changes in the app that left many Skitch fans upset. The new version of the app changed the navigation and introduced new features while elminating others. Skitch users employed online reviews to complain about their newly changed service. Some Skitch users also complained about the update’s integration with Evernote—a great organizational app, but not exactly easy to navigate at first.

"This product is 'Skitch' in name only, and has NONE of the magic of the original," said one user in the iOS App Store. 

Skitch's latest updates for Android allow users to turn off the “Wet Ink” and active tools features introduced earlier this year. It also allows Skitch users to use a quick, two-finger gesture to move around their image and it lets users choose which Evernote “notebook” they would like to save their Skitch notes to.

Skitch for Windows 8 now allows portrait mode viewing for tablets as well as Evernote syncing for files as large as 25MB.

No word yet on when an update for iOS will be available.