Photography publication f11 Magazine is being suspended, perhaps permanently, due to trouble funding the endeavor using its current advertising strategies. Subscribers have been alerted to the pending closure via an email, which explains that, "the concept of a magazine free to readers and funded entirely by advertising support proved much more difficult to sustain as a business proposition." The publication hopes to return in the future if an adequate solution is found.

f11 Magazine was founded in 2011 as a publication that focuses on photos rather than gear; a magazine that was free to download with all revenue coming from advertising. As spelled out in the email, however, this business model simply hasn't been sustainable for the magazine. Until such a time when an alternative is found—if one is found—the magazine will not produce any new issues. If the magazine does return, it may differ from its current presentation.

You can read the full email text below:

An update for our subscribers...

After six years and 66 issues of publishing f11 Magazine, I have made the incredibly difficult decision to place the magazine in suspension. There are no new issues planned at this stage.

The idea of a magazine about photography and photographers - rather than cameras and accessories - found a loyal and appreciative audience around the world. I like to think that our approach was more cerebral than many other titles, and that we were able to rise above the perils of pixel peeping, equipment worship, and the banal. Our mission was to expose the work of photographers, display their collections, and describe their personal journeys. We were never short of content as we made the world our home.

Unfortunately, the concept of a magazine free to readers and funded entirely by advertising support proved much more difficult to sustain as a business proposition. I'm investigating other options to keep the title alive in some form, but this will take time and dialogue with others - hence the decision to suspend publication at this point. It's my hope that a successful outcome from one of these conversations will expose the magazine to a much larger potential audience, while at the same time ensuring its financial viability with a new business model.

If you have been a reader, a commercial supporter, or simply a believer in our approach to content and community I thank you sincerely for your encouragement and participation. I know not what the future holds for f11 Magazine, for photographers and aficionados, but I'm personally proud of the content and quality that a small team has been able to produce consistently. We've been on time, on topic, and appreciated for 66 consecutive issues - and that's no small achievement.

Once we have a meaningful update to share, I'll be sure to let you know. Equally, if you have any thoughts that you'd like to share with me, please feel free to get in touch:

Kind regards, Tim