According to a report on the Chinese-language publication Economic Daily News that has been quoted by Digitimes, Taiwanese company Primax Electronics will be the manufacturer of at least some of the dual-camera modules in the upcoming iPhone 7. 

Primax recently increased its production capacity for camera modules by 10 percent and can now supply approximately 12 million units per month. Apparently about 70 percent of the manufactured modules come with a 13MP resolution which could be an indication for where the iPhone is going in terms of camera resolution. That said, Apple is not Primax's only customer. 

After an abundance of camera-related iPhone 7 rumors over the past few months it now seems pretty well established that the smaller 4.7" model will feature a conventional camera with optical image stabilization and the larger 'Plus' model will come with a dual-camera setup. There is no information yet on how the latter will be used but the dual cam could offer optical zoom, as on the LG G5, improve image detail and reduce noise, like on the Huawei P9, or simulate a narrow depth-of-field, like on the HTC One M8 and a number of other dual-camera phones.