Cinema and video accessory makers Redrock Micro have teamed up with Disney/ABC Television Group and Disney Research to design and develop the DigiBoom, a handheld gimbal-stabilized camera boom.

The DigiBoom is targeted at solo operators and small production teams who want to add unusual angles and smoothly stabilized footage to news, sports, and event video productions. The DigiBoom lets you place the camera anywhere from ground level to more than 8 feet (243 cm) up; 12 feet (365 cm) with the optional extension.

Redrock Micro says the DigiBoom is ideal for creating sweeping camera moves or unusual points of view. Key Features include complete control of operation and settings for both camera and gimbal from the grip, automated, manual, or hybrid control of camera aim and angle, and professional audio-connections and functions.

Additionally, the device comes with a single power source for camera, DigiBoom, and accessories, and the option to use an external power input. A high-resolution display allows for full-time monitoring. DigiBoom can be used with a wide range of cameras and displays but Redrock Micro recommends the Blackmagic Video Assist and Micro Studio Camera 4K recorder and camera for best performance.

The DigiBoom can be preordered for $500 on the Redrock Micro website, where you'll also find additional product information. Target availability is Summer 2018.

Press Release

New DigiBoom Aims to Energize Location Shots, Breaking News, and Sports Footage

New Hybrid Camera Rig from Redrock Micro and Disney ABC Television Group/ Disney Research Merges Best of Gimbal, Jib, Drone, and Handheld to Achieve Cinematic Moves and Impossible Camera Angles

Dallas, TX and Hollywood, CA - Redrock Micro in collaboration with Disney/ ABC Television Group and Disney Research today announced DigiBoom® - a new gimbal-stabilized camera rig that merges the best of jib, gimbal, Steadicam®, drone, and handheld into a single highly mobile platform. DigiBoom is on display beginning today in the Redrock Micro and Blackmagic booths at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas.

DigiBoom pushes content above the competition. DigiBoom is used by solo operators and small production teams to add eye-popping shots and premium cinema-style feel to live and pre-recorded news, sports, and events. DigiBoom can place the camera from ground level to over 8 feet (up to 12 feet with the optional extension) and everywhere in between while the full-time powered gimbal keeps shots smooth and steady. Use DigiBoom to create sweeping camera moves or place cameras into unusual point-of-views for maximum visual impact, including:

  • Reach any target, move quickly, and get angles that were previously unimaginable
  • Extend the pole to get shots of the tallest on the court, a crowded field and even places where tripods or handheld aren’t practical. Use the optional 3 foot extension for even higher and truly epic views
  • Get in front of, above, below, or around any obstacles with total control of camera angle and position
  • Create dynamic and premium cinema-style shots with smooth gimbal stabilization that will have people saying "How did they do that?"

Designed for Fast-Moving Productions and Small Crews

Key Features

DigiBoom is the only camera rig that delivers this wide range of creative shots while enabling full-time operator control over camera position and settings:

  • Versatility - that enables solo camera operators to be more productive and creative. The highly mobile rig means shots and angles can be easily improvised for breaking news or on-the-spot creative choices
  • Complete Control - of operation and settings for both camera and gimbal right
  • Dual Gimbal modes - for fully automated, fully manual, or hybrid control of camera aim and angle
  • Professional audio - including standard connectors and shielded wiring that is fully integrated into the DigiBoom for onboard camera audio, onboard mixer, or external sound mixer.
  • Professional power - with one power source for camera, DigiBoom, and accessories. Use the external power input for unlimited run time.
  • Full time monitoring - via the bright high resolution display mounted right where the operator needs it
  • Modular for many different setups - including jib, drone-like, Steadicam, and handheld all with one rig
  • Broadcast workflow and quality - whether live or pre-recorded, DigiBoom provides industry-standard video, audio and wireless with connectors and accessories
  • Minimal training - enables broadcast quality and delivery of totally unique content from day one

Redrock's Cinema and Video Product Expertise Brings DigiBoom to Life

Redrock Micro has long been recognized as the premiere innovator for independent production equipment. Over the past decade, Redrock's original designs and products have made high production value affordable and accessible for any budget level. DigiBoom joins Redrock's existing family of over 400 rigs, automation, and camera accessories including the Eclipse™ the latest generation of networked camera-top accessories.

"Redrock has empowered small crews and solo operators to punch above their weight class for over a decade," said James Hurd, President of Redrock Microsystems. "DigiBoom represents this kind of leap forward for location news, sports, and events. When we first saw DigiBoom we recognized this spark of an idea. With Redrock's product expertise and injection of Eclipse™ technology, we are now delivering a finished product that is ready for the demands of full-time professional production."

Powered by Technology from Disney

Core DigiBoom technology and associated patents were developed by Disney/ABC Television Group and Disney Research, and licensed to Redrock Micro to bring DigiBoom to market. DigiBoom has been field tested and refined over the past two years in organizations including Disney/ABC, ABC News, Marvel, and continues to be widely used at ESPN for live and recorded sports coverage.

"Over the past two years we have seen DigiBoom deliver tremendous value to Disney/ABC, ESPN and other subsidiaries within the Disney family," said Anthony Accardo, Director, Research & Development, Disney/ABC Television Group. "Through our collaboration with Redrock, we are really pleased to see DigiBoom come to market and help elevate the state of the art for the industry."

"DigiBoom gives us a distinctive look - delivering high-quality, cinematic images in a portable and versatile package," said Brian Kennedy, vice president, Global News Gathering Operations & Planning. "At the 2017 Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C., DigiBoom provided incredible images and was the perfect tool allowing us to be live inside the story. No other tool could have delivered this type of coverage."

"The Rose Bowl is one of the most beloved and most watched football contests in the US today," said Lorenzo Lamadrid, ESPN Supervising Director, Rose Bowl. "Our use of DigiBoom for the 2018 Rose Bowl really enhanced the quality of the footage and sharpened the sense of 'being right there in the action' for our viewers. DigiBoom worked beautifully to create shots we couldn't otherwise achieve."

"DigiBoom allowed our camera operator to access high traffic spaces and deliver angles that wouldn't have been possible with a traditional camera," said John Vasallo, Sr. Coordinating Producer for ESPN.

Blackmagic Design Cameras Unlock DigiBoom's Potential

DigiBoom can be used with any appropriate camera and display. To get the most from DigiBoom, the preferred recorder and camera are the Blackmagic Video Assist and Micro Studio Camera 4K, the world's smallest broadcast quality live production camera.

The unique connectivity of the Micro Studio 4k Camera's expansion port gives operators fingertip control over all camera functions directly from the DigiBoom handgrips. The Video Assist offers full-time operator monitoring, recording to internal SD cards and offering SDI pass-through for live broadcast.

"Blackmagic Design's mission is to empower creative people. When we saw what Redrock and Disney were creating with DigiBoom, we wanted to make sure they could get the most from Blackmagic cameras," said Grant Petty, CEO and Founder of Blackmagic Design. "We worked together to expand the Micro Studio Camera 4K and designed it to be versatile. It is incredibly exciting to think about how much more creative camera operators will be with DigiBoom, and with the combined solution DigiBoom essentially becomes a single integrated experience for the operator."

Pricing and Availability

DigiBoom target availability is Summer 2018 and pricing has not yet been announced. In addition to the standalone product, DigiBoom will also be available as a Deluxe Field Broadcast kit and includes the most popular DigiBoom accessories. DigiBoom will be available from Redrock direct and Redrock's Worldwide Authorized Resellers.

DigiBoom accessories and extensions

  • DigiBoom Jib adapter - mounts DigiBoom to your existing fluid head tripod for conversion to a more traditional jib
  • DigiBoom extension pole 3' - extends DigiBoom for even higher shots while still retaining full operator control of gimbal and camera
  • DigiBoom body strap - supports the fulcrum of DigiBoom for additional support and easy operation
  • DigiBoom stand
  • DigiBoom hard case with fitted foam, ready for road and air travel