Although Netflix uploaded the video back in April, we’ve only now discovered the Platon episode of its ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ miniseries is now available to view for free on YouTube.

The 2017 docuseries consists of two series and features a total of 14 45-minute episodes that cover the work of some of the best artists across the globe in their respective fields, from architecture and automotive design to stage design and typography. For its ‘Photography’ episode, Netflix features Platon Antoniou, more commonly known by his mononym Platon, a renowned portrait photographer whose portfolio features some of the most prominent and powerful figures the world over.

While the other episodes require a Netflix subscription, the Platon episode is now free to view on YouTube. Throughout the 45-minute episode, we get an inside look at the man behind the camera and follow along as he captures a portrait of Colin Powell, former National Security Advisor and retired four-star general.

It’s a fantastic watch from beginning to end. If you have a Netflix subscription, we also suggest watching some of the other episodes in the series.