After Apple first introduced its first MacBook Pro with an integrated SD card reader back in 2012, memory manufacturer Transcend released half-sized SD cards that were designed to sit flush with the side of your device to add storage without adding any additional bulk. These devices became less relevant when Apple removed its SD card readers from its ‘Pro’ laptop lineup in 2015, but now that the SD card readers are back with Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro models, so is Transcend with its new JetDrive Lite 330 SD cards.

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Just like the original JetDrive cards, these pint-sized cards feature a lip on the end that sit flush with the SD card slot on Apple’s latest MacBook Pro models so as to create a seamless transition from the body of the laptop with the card. The metal outside will even be color-matched with the aluminum used for the MacBook Pro’s unibody frame.

Transcend says the new JetDrive Lite 330 models, which come in various capacities between 128GB and 1TB, offer read and write speeds of 95MB/s and 75MB/s, respectively. That’s not exactly fast, especially compared to integrated flash storage or even a USB-C SSD, but it should be more than fast enough to use for something like Time Machine backups or as an alternative storage location for less resource-intensive file formats.

The new JetDrive Lite 330 is resistant to water, dust, and shock, according to Transcend. Each device is covered by a five-year limited warranty. The 128GB 256GB, 512GB and 1TB JetDrive Lite 330 models are available to purchase for $37, $60, $120 and $250, respectively, through Transcend’s Amazon store and at authorized Transcend retailers.