<span class="s1">Semi-finalist, Wings: </span>Sergey Shakuto
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Semi-finalist, Wings: Sergey Shakuto

Semi-finalist for the Wings category, Red Bull Illume 2019: Sergey Shakuto, Russia

Location: Russia, Kolomna, Aerograd DZ

Biography quote: 'Inborn craving for experiments.'

Biography: I was born and grew up in a small town in Russia, but since childhood I was dreaming about traveling the world and doing extreme sports. As soon as I made my first money as a graphic designer, I started to realize my dream. So more than 16 years I’m doing all kind of sports from freediving to skydiving and capturing it with my camera.

My super-power is my insider knowledge about sports and it helps me to speak same language with all the athletes I’m shooting.

About the photo: In Shakuto’s words, ’it was one of the first photos that I took in free fall. I was completely new in skydiving when Eugene [Tarakhomin] suggested taking a picture of him. One day he called and said "Hey Serge, you are a cool photographer, let's make something together." I wasn’t sure about that, because had no freefly experience. But I bought a special helmet, took the cheapest camera which I had (Sony A6000), and the cheapest and lightest Sony lens (SEL16F28).

I spent about a month for preparing and training. In total, we took about 10 beautiful photos in two jumps at sunset. This project is a perfect example what can be achieved with a wealth of experience in action photography and good technical skills, professional athlete, and at the same time the cheapest equipment and little experience in sports.’

Gear and specs: Sony A6000; Sony 16mm f2.8 lens; ISO: 100; F-Stop: f/6.3; Shutter Speed: 1/1250 sec.