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Kickstarter: BAD Wrap is a flexible, padded waterproof wrap for your camera gear

BAD Equipment was founded this year by photographers, designers and engineers. Its first product is now on Kickstarter, the BAD Wrap. It is a posable, padded and waterproof wrap that you can use to protect your camera, lens, drone, tablet, computer and much more.

Kosmo Foto launches Kickstarter for a noir-inspired 35mm 400 ISO black-and-white film stock

Kosmo Foto has announced a new 400 ISO panochromatic 35mm black-and-white film inspired by the noir aesthetics of the early 20th century. The film stock is currently being funded on Kickstarter.

This photograph illustrates how quickly the International Space Station orbits Earth

The International Space Station (ISS) travels nearly 8 kilometers every second. Put another way, the ISS travels at more than 17,000 miles per hour. French astronaut Thomas Pesquet is currently aboard the ISS and has recently captured an image that shows just how fast that is.

Razer announces new Blade 14 laptop with AMD Ryzen 9 CPU, up to RTX 3080 GPU and more

After a three-year hiatus, the Blade 14 lineup is back with three models, all powered by the AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU. GPU options start with an NVIDIA RTX 3060 and top out with an RTX 3080 for those who need all the processing power.

Gitzo takes a battering for lack of communication over Légende tripod delays.

A delay of up to three months to fix a packaging issue has annoyed some Gitzo customers, but not as much as the company's alleged lack of response to emails sent to a dedicated Gitzo address

CIPA's April 2021 data: Shipments are down, but the average price of camera units is steadily increasing

According to CIPA's numbers, there are fewer camera units being shipped around the globe, but the value of the average camera unit being shipped is increasing at a steady pace.

China's Zhurong rover sends back its first images from the Martian surface, including an adorable selfie

The image, which shows the Zhurong Rover and its Tianwen-1 lander in the frame, was captured using a remote camera dropped by the Zhurong rover.

Video: A ‘Retro Review’ of the 20-year-old Canon Pro90 IS, Canon’s first digital camera with optical image stabilization

Gordon Laing has shared another Retro Review, this time showing off the 20-year-old Canon Pro90IS.

Venus Optics' new $549 7.5mm F2 MFT lens now has electronic aperture control

The lens features the same optical construction but adds electronic aperture control and a chip for transferring metadata between the lens and MFT camera it's attached to.

Zhong Yi brings its Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 III lens to Leica L mount camera systems

The L mount version of the lens retails for $799 and joins the previously-released versions for Canon RF, Leica M, Nikon Z and Sony E mount camera systems.

Video: iFixit shows off the tech (literally) behind the XDR Display inside Apple's 12.9" M1 iPad Pro

The entire teardown isn't complete yet, but iFixit has shared a short video that tears apart a new 12.9" M1 iPad Pro to show how Apple is using Mini LED technology to power the flagship iPad's XDR display.

Video: Relaxing shutter sounds from 18 cameras is ASMR for photographers

Photographer Sails Chong has access to a very diverse collection of cameras. He's recorded their sounds in a new, hypnotic video.

Samsung announces 50MP ISOCELL JN1 smartphone camera sensor with 0.64μm pixels

Aside from incredibly small pixels, the 50MP sensor features new 'Double Super PDAF' technology, as well as an 'enhanced' Smart-ISO feature for better low-light focusing performance.

Sony announces the Airpeak S1, a $9K professional drone for creatives

Sony Electronics has officially revealed full details for the Airpeak S1, a professional drone aimed at creatives. It is the world's smallest drone capable of carrying Sony's line of full-size Alpha series cameras.

See the first images NASA's Juno captured as it sailed by Jupiter's giant moon, Ganymede

NASA's Juno spacecraft is hard at work analyzing Jupiter and its moons. Using two of its onboard imagers, Ganymede captured a couple of images during its flyby, revealing spectacular detail of the lunar surface.

Sony launches $1M 'Create Action' initiative to support local non-profit organizations

Sony Corporation has announced a nationwide Create Action initiative. The social justice program includes $1M in support for 10 selected non-profit organizations that support underrepresented and underserved communities.

World’s longest AF SLR lens, the Canon EF 1200mm F5.6, comes up for sale at auction in Germany

Could it hit $200,000? Quite possibly. The Canon EF1200mm f/5.6 L USM is an extremely rare beast, but one is coming to auction in October this year

Here's the Olympus PEN E-P7 and here's what it means...

OM Digital Solutions has announced the Olympus PEN E-P7, a 20MP image-stabilized Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera. The mid-range model is initially being launched in Europe and other select regions, but not North America.

Olympus introduces M.Zuiko 8-25mm F4 Pro Micro Four Thirds lens

Olympus has added a new lens to its 'Pro' lineup of Micro Four Thirds lenses: the M.Zuiko 8-25mm F4. The lens, equivalent to 16-50mm, has numerous special elements, a manual focus clutch and is weather-sealed to IPX1 standards.

Rare Zeiss Planar 50mm F0.7 lens designed for NASA could fetch $150,000 at auction

In 1966, Zeiss designed a 50mm F0.7 lens for NASA for its Apollo missions. Zeiss made only 10 of these lenses, six of which went to NASA. One of these lenses is now up for auction by Leitz Photographica Auction, and organizers believe the lens could sell for nearly $150,000.

Thousands of seabird eggs destroyed by two careless drone pilots

Thousands of seabird eggs were abandoned, and subsequently destroyed, when two careless drone pilots crashed at a conservancy in Orange County, California.

Lightroom Classic gets native M1 support, Lightroom gets Super Resolution and more with Adobe's June 2021 update

Adobe has released its June 2021 updates, bringing new and improved features to nearly every version of Lightroom and Photoshop it has to offer.

WWDC 2021: Apple unveils latest updates for iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and more

Apple's WWDC 2021 virtual event is currently taking place. Check out our coverage of the latest news and updates as it's released.

Video: This music video is made entirely from over 5,000 cyanotype prints

The cyanotype photographic printing process was developed in the mid-19th century. Now, nearly 180 years after its development, the cyanotype process has now even been used to create a music video.

Video: Our closest look yet at Canon’s forthcoming EOS R3 mirrorless camera

Gordon Laing, Editor at Cameralabs, has shared a preview video of Canon’s new EOS R3 mirrorless camera, giving us our closest look yet at Canon’s upcoming mirrorless camera.

Physicists now understand the multi-spectral qualities of the world’s first color photographs

Physicist Gabriel Lippmann won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1908 for his work in color photography techniques. Nearly a century after Lippmann's death, physicists have unlocked the spectral secrets of Lippmann's photographs.

Nikon announces NX Field, a remote shooting system for fast-paced pro photography

Nikon has announced NX Field. It is a new remote shooting system supported by Nikon Professional Services (NPS) that allows photographers to control and sync multiple compatible Nikon cameras and quickly transfer images to remote FTP servers.

The Pentagon clears DJI drones for use after temporary suspension

The Pentagon recently released a summary confirming that foreign drones, particularly two manufactured by DJI, did not pose a security threat as previously believed.

Capture One says it will have an iPad app out in ‘early 2022’

Capture One says it’s working on an iPad version of its post-production software that it expects to have out in ‘early 2022.’

NASA's Curiosity rover photographs rare shimmering clouds on the Red Planet

Curiosity captured a colorful spectacle earlier this year on Mars. The rover, which has been exploring Mars since 2012, photographed numerous types of clouds on Mars, which is a rare phenomenon on the planet due to its dry, thin atmosphere.

Looking for a more affordable version of Rode’s Wireless Go II? Mirfak Audio's WE10 Pro kit might be your ticket

Mirfak Audio, a sister company of gimbal manufacturer Moza, has released a dual-channel wireless microphone kit that combines two transmitters with a single receiver to create an all-in-one dual-mic setup.

Slideshow: Winners of the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2021 competition

Winners of the annual Nature TTL Photographer of the Year competition were recently announced for 2021.

Sigma's 3.00 firmware update for the FP is now live with support for the new EVF-11 viewfinder and more

In addition to fixing a few bugs, firmware version 3.00 for the FP adds new support and features found on the new FP-L camera.

Video: A look inside Sony's Osaka CMOS image sensor development facility

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group has shared a video that shows off its new building, located in Osaka, where CMOS image sensors are designed and developed.

DxO announces Nik Collection 4: Improved usability & powerful new tools in major update

DxO has announced Nik Collection 4. The suite features eight plugins. Two of the most popular plugins, Viveza and Silver Efex, feature all-new user interfaces and improved U Point technology.

Video: Slow Mo Guys use new Phantom TMX7510 camera to break record by shattering glass at 800,000 fps

The Slow Mo Guys published their slowest video yet. In a new video, Gavin Free uses the Phantom TMX7510 camera at 80,000, 500,000 and even 800,000 frames per second to record glass breaking.

Canon EOS R3 will shoot 30 fps Raw bursts, with oversampled 4K and 8-stop IS

Canon has released further details about its upcoming EOS R3 mirrorless camera. It will feature 30 fps Raw bursts, oversampled 4K with Canon Log3 support, 8-stop IS with compatible lenses, and a fully articulating display.

Nikon announces its first Z-mount macro lenses: the Nikkor Z MC 105mm F2.8 VR S and Nikkor Z MC 50mm F2.8

Nikon is claiming that its latest macro lenses are not only meant to be more convenient than adapting the company's existing F-mount options, but are also a significant step-up in image quality as well.

Nikon confirms compact 28mm F2.8 and 40mm F2 primes for Z-mount coming later this year

Alongside the announcement of two new Z-mount macro prime lenses, Nikon has confirmed that two more roadmapped lenses are coming this year: the Nikkor Z 28mm F2.8 and Nikkor Z 40mm F2.

Panasonic announces Lumix S 50mm F1.8 L-mount lens

Panasonic has announced its Lumix S 50mm F1.8 lens for L-mount. This compact lens has numerous special glass elements, a linear focus motor, weather-sealing and weighs in at just 300 grams (10.6 oz).

Sekonic celebrates its 70 year anniversary, teases limited-edition light meter

From humble beginnings in Tokyo, Japan back in 1951, Sekonic's light meters, color meters and illuminometers have become staples in the cinema and photo world.

Kono announces 3 new films: Delight Art 100, Monolit 3 (yes, that means ISO 3) and Monolit 100

German film company, Kono, opened its doors in 2014. Since then, the company has created more than 20 films. Its latest three films include the company's first 120 medium format film and two new black and white films, including one with an ISO of only 3.

Report: Apple expected to use sensor-shift image stabilization units in all of its next-generation iPhone models

A new report from Taiwanese publication DigiTimes claims Apple suppliers have been told to increase production 30-40% for the voice coil motors currently only used inside the wide camera module of the iPhone 12 Pro Max

7artisans releases three new budget-friendly primes, including a fisheye and macro lens

The new trio from 7artisans includes a 10mm F2.8 fisheye lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras as well as a 55mm F1.4 II lens and 60mm F2.8 II macro lens for APS-C/Micro Four Thirds camera systems.

Cornell University researchers break their record with stunning high-res photo of atoms

In 2018, using ptychography and sophisticated algorithms, a Cornell University research team set a record with an incredible photo of atoms. With improved detection and algorithms, the team is back with another record-setting image, and it's the highest-resolution photo of atoms ever captured.

iFixit gives the new 24" M1 iMac a proper teardown treatment with a 2/10 repairability score

Despite it being easier to access and there being relatively modular components, the inability to change the internal storage and memory inside the new M1-powered iMac keeps its repairability score low.

Capture One announces native M1 support, promises significant performance improvements

Capture One's R&D team has been hard at work redesigning Capture One for M1 Macs. After many months of work, native M1 support is ready, and it promises huge performance gains.

Luminar AI Update 3: Apple M1 support, better Sky AI and improved workflow

Skylum released the third major update to its Luminar AI software since releasing the flagship photo editor late last year. The update adds Apple M1 support, improved performance, better usability and more.

Video: Samsung shows off the tech behind its 108MP ISOCELL HM3 image sensor

In the months following the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra release, Samsung has published multiple tech videos outlining the smartphone's impressive 108MP image sensor. The latest video discusses the primary technologies behind the camera's promised pro-grade image quality.

Video: A BTS look at what went into Hasselblad's X System's ergonomics, materials and user interface

The latest episode in Hasslblad's ongoing video series shares a BTS look at what went into the decision-making process for its X System cameras.

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