Ben Pitt

Ben Pitt has worked as a freelance journalist since 1997, specializing in music production, video and photography. When he's not reviewing cameras or software, he's writing children's songs or struggling to keep his video blog up to date. He lives in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Anton Kawasaki

Anton Kawasaki (@anton_in_nyc), has become known for his intimate and candid street portraits, which capture the people of New York in "moments" that express love, despair, humor, and the multitude of emotions that make up daily life. His images have been featured in several magazines and in exhibitions in various cities around the world. He co-teaches a series of online workshops on mobile photography, and is a visual storyteller/mobile photographer for hire. He is also a founding member of the Mobile Photo Group. He currently resides in Brooklyn with his husband Sion Fullana -- a pioneer in the mobile photography movement.

Oliver Lang

Oliver Lang's (@oggsie) mobile phone images have been show in exhibitions and press both locally and in Europe. He currently teaches mobile photography courses at the Australian Centre for Photography. He is exploring the growth of participatory photography and the innovations that the connected culture of mobile photography is driving.

Aimee Baldridge

Aimee Baldridge is a writer and photographer based in New York. She has specialized in covering imaging technology, digital media, and the world of photography since the turn of the century.

Dean Holland

Dean Holland is a professional photographer and educator, and director of Take Better Photos photography courses based in Brisbane, Australia. He’s a passionate believer that photography should be a joy, and not a science test. You can follow him on Facebook.

Star Rush

Star Rush, @starrush360, is Seattle-based a photographer, writer, and educator. Her photography has been exhibited in the United States and Europe, and published in photography magazines Actual Colors May Vary, Camerpixo, Magazine, among others. Rush is a founding member of the Mobile Photo Group. She teaches composition and rhetoric, and literature at Cornish College of the Arts.

Nate Watters

Nate Watters, @nate_watters, is a commercial and editorial photographer currently based in Seattle, Washington. He spends much of his time documenting the Northwest music and arts scene for City Arts Magazine and photographing his wilderness adventures for Scenic Washington State. Nate has recently worked with clients like Degree Men, Theo Chocolate and PureVolume.

Misho Baranovic

Misho Baranovic, @mishobaranovic, is a photographer, curator and app developer. His mobile street photography has been exhibited internationally in Berlin, Paris, New York and Melbourne. Misho recently created the world's first interactive mobile photo printing press as part of the FORMAT 2013. He is a founding member of the Mobile Photo Network, creator and the author of iPhone Photography.


BradPuet (BP), @bradpuet, found creative expression through photography by way of his mobile phone. By day he is a director of a human services program in Seattle. He also has a long history of organizing many grassroots organizations and is a co-founder of two arts organizations in Seattle, one focused on cultural arts and the other with youth. BP is a co-founder of We Are Juxt and a member of the Advanced Mobile Photography Team. BP has lived in Seattle for 25 years and is always trying to document it’s rich history through art. He believes that art is the vehicle for change in society.

Lauren Crabbe

Lauren Crabbe, @lcrabbe, is a freelance technology writer and photographer, specializing in photography technology and trends. You can find her biking around San Francisco, drinking a lot of coffee and capturing her daily observations with her iPhone.

Sohail Mamdani

Sohail Mamdani is a writer and photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A geek by inclination and profession, and a lover of film photography as much as digital, his shooting is a bit schizophrenic. He goes from photographing birds in flight in the wetlands around the Bay Area, to shooting still life in a studio, to architectural photography in and around San Francisco.

Allan Hoffman

Allan Hoffman is the technology columnist for The Star-Ledger and the author of "Create Great iPhone Photos." He misses the smell of fixer in the darkroom, but he loves having a darkroom (and camera) in his pocket with the iPhone. He blogs about iPhone photography at What I See Now.

Peter M. Ferenczi

Peter M. Ferenczi is a freelance writer and avid photographer. He lives in Paris.

Tim Barribeau

Tim Barribeau is a freelance science and technology writer based in San Francisco. He's been taking photographs since he got an Olympus OM-10 in High School. You can follow him on Twitter (@tbarribeau) or through Google+, and occasionally see him lugging a Mamiya RB67 through Golden Gate Park."

Daniel Berman

Daniel Berman, @Reservoir_Dan, is a fine art photographer, filmmaker & digital artist with a specialty in landscapes, abstractions & people. He is the founder of the Mobile Photo Awards, the world's largest competition and open gallery call for mobile photography and art. With a background as a producer of nature and music programs for television, Daniel brings a lifelong passion for rhythm and the imagery of the natural world to his photographic art. He was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and now lives in the scenic hills surrounding Milton, Ontario.