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Digital Photography Review's mission is to provide the most authoritative content around and reviews of digital photography gear in the world. We have built the most comprehensive database of consumer digital cameras in the world, and we provide an open, active forum and useful tools for our community.

Digital Photography Review was founded in December 1998 and over the years has grown to include a vast digital camera database, timeline, forum, image sample galleries, an articles section, lens, printer and software reviews, user galleries, photo challenges and much more.

Today DPReview is the world's most popular dedicated enthusiast digital photography site. We believe in fact-based and unbiased content with as much detail as we can provide, gained through our testing and real-world analysis of gear, technology and techniques. In 2007 Digital Photography Review was acquired by Amazon.com.

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Simon Joinson: Editor-in-Chief

Simon has spent pretty much all his working life in or around the photographic world, first as photography student, then as a photographer, graphic designer, retoucher, writer, editor, editor-in-chief, art director and even, briefly, a retailer. In early 1997 he launched what was probably the world's first consumer digital camera magazine, What Digital Camera (UK) from his spare bedroom. Since then he has launched and edited many magazines, written 7 or 8 books on photography, Photoshop and digital cameras and made numerous appearances in print (from industry titles to national newspapers) and on television and radio talking about digital photography and consumer technology in general. He joined dpreview.com in 2004 as reviews editor, and took over the day-to-day running of the site in 2010.

Wenmei Hill: Editorial Manager

Wenmei has found photography to be the perfect way to combine her creative drive with her tendency to geek out over gear, lighting, software, and technical details. She started off photographing architectural landmarks in black and white film, and she eventually allowed people to get into the frame as she went digital and moved into lifestyle, portrait and event photography. As the co-founder of Mamas with Cameras, she shares her love and knowledge of photography through workshops and community meet-ups. She is also passionate about her work as a volunteer photographer for Soulumination and as a photography instructor in Seattle schools. Wenmei took a circuitous path through engineering, architecture, consulting and IT business management to finally land at dpreview, and she couldn't be more thrilled about it.

Barnaby Britton: Editor

Barney Britton joined dpreview when it was based in London in November 2009, after several years as a print journalist in the UK specialist photographic press. He moved from London to Seattle, USA, a year later and these days, Barney spends his days marvelling at how much sunshine there actually is in Seattle when you work in an office with large windows. After hours Barney can be found walking the streets of the Emerald City with a camera, or inside one of Seattle's many music venues. As well as having a hilarious name (apparently), Barney sees nothing wrong with cute pictures of cats.

Rishi Sanyal Ph.D: Deputy Editor / Technical Editor

Although trained in the sciences from a young age, Rishi has held a deep passion for photography ever since his father got him a film SLR to take with him on family trips. His studies eventually brought him to Seattle, where the natural beauty inspired him to pursue photography professionally. After getting his Ph.D in biophysics, Rishi realized he wished to bridge his two biggest loves - science and photography - to create content and tools that help photographers like himself understand and make optimal choices in camera equipment. He's thrilled to now be doing just that, appreciating the rarity of combining one's hobby and training to make a career. Rishi doesn't mind the grey PNW - he finds it perfect for testing lenses and shooting waterfalls. You'll find his personal work at rishi.photography.

DL Cade: Homepage Editor

DL is a writer, tech nerd, and science geek who discovered his love for photography when he was transferred into the 'DI' department while working at BestBuy in college. After a brief stint in medical school, he committed to photography writing full time: working first for PetaPixel, then 500px, then another go at PetaPixel before landing at DPReview in June of 2017. When he's not writing about, talking about, or thinking about photography, you can usually find him reading a book on neuroscience, wasting hours on tech blogs, or exploring New York City in search of the best soup dumplings. For the record, he is not ashamed that his Instagram consists mostly of iPhone photos of his dogs.

Richard Butler: Senior Reviewer

Richard Butler was trained as a scientist but instead chose a career in communication. He has been a journalist and technical writer on a series of scientific and engineering magazines and has had articles published across a broad range of trade and technical publications. A long-term enthusiasm for design and graphics flourished with the purchase of his first digital camera. This interest in photography ran parallel with his work until he joined dpreview.com in 2007, allowing him to get paid to do what he most enjoys.

Jeff Keller: Senior Reviewer

Jeff's interest in digital photography began in the mid-1990s while a student at UC San Diego, when he began tinkering with early Apple and Casio cameras. In late 1997 he founded the Digital Camera Resource Page (dcresource.com), which was the first website dedicated to the subject. After fifteen years, over four hundred camera reviews, and thousands of news items, Jeff suspended work on dcresource.com and moved to Seattle to join the DPReview team in 2013. In addition to photography, Jeff enjoys traveling the world, gadgetry and volunteering.

Dan Bracaglia: Reviewer / Staff Writer

Dan Bracaglia's first digital camera was the Gameboy Camera. In high school he founded a monthly skateboard and rock and roll magazine, mainly, because he was better at photography than he was skateboarding. It was called Dan's Zine. In college, Dan served as photography editor and editor in chief of his daily college paper, the Daily Targum. He graduated Rutgers University in 2010 with a degree in journalism and moved to NYC where he worked as a tech editor at Popular Photography and American Photo magazines, and a staff photographer at Popular Science magazine. In the fall of 2014, Dan relocated to Seattle to join the DP Review team. These days he is shooting with a Fujifilm X100T. He keeps two fairly up-to-date sites including TheLondonBroil.com and HandfulofPanties.com.

Carey Rose: Reviewer / Staff Writer

As the son of a photographer who is also the son of a photographer, Carey's been surrounded by cameras since before he could walk. He graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in visual journalism and worked in public relations as a full-time photographer and videographer. He's thrilled that his career has led him to DPReview, and he looks forward to endlessly geeking out over the latest camera gear. On his off days, Carey can be found playing guitar, attempting to cook, or trying his best to keep an old Jeep roadworthy.

Dale Baskin: Reviewer / Staff Writer

Dale is a photographer and filmmaker with a passion for adventure travel and a background in science and technology. His pursuits have taken him to over 40 countries in a quest to tell unique and compelling stories. Despite being attacked by rabid dogs and finding himself on the wrong end of automatic weapons, he still seems to think adventure travel and photography are a good combination of activities. Prior to becoming a pro photographer he worked in molecular biology and developed and marketed tools for scientific research and the Human Genome Project.

Allison Johnson: Reviewer / Staff Writer

Allison has her father to thank for introducing her to photography at a young age. She's written professionally about cameras and consumer technology since 2008, including several years as Editor of DigitalCameraReview.com. She comes to dpreview from North Carolina where she wrote about smartphones, ate more biscuits than she'd care to admit to and spent several months accumulating bruises while training to become a roller girl. She's excited to be writing about photography again full-time and eager to explore Seattle with a camera at her side. Her Instagram account is shamelessly flooded with photos of her cat.

Josh Hays: Web developer

After a childhood spent playing with cameras and computers among the corn fields of Nebraska, Josh moved to the Pacific Northwest where he continues to play with cameras and computers, minus the corn fields. Joining DPReview in 2011 after several years in the IT industry, he is thrilled to be able to combine his interests while working for a website which he has long respected. When he's not at the office, he can be found hiking near Seattle or photographing the natural and artificial details of our world.

Vladimir Bobov: Web developer

Vladimir started his photographic journey with a digital point-and-shoot, using the DPReview forums for guidance and inspiration. These days, he likes to carry around a full frame DSLR with a fast prime lens to capture his adventures in parenting, rock climbing, and exploring the world. Although he initially taught himself to code by making websites in the early days of the web, he wanted to prove to himself that he could also make 'real' software, and spent over 12 years at Microsoft, working on projects ranging from obscure network protocols to Skype-enabled meeting rooms. He is excited to join DPReview, where he can combine geeking out over cameras with geeking out over code.

Scott Everett: Sr. Product Manager

Scott fell in love with photography in 2002 when his close friend Preslav took him shooting with an old Russian SLR, the Zenit. He has since accumulated over 20 cameras and 16 lenses, but the Hasselblad remains his personal favorite. He spent most of his 20s as a project manager, and before joining dpreview was a photographer and producer for a Seattle production company. Scott's main day-to-day work may all be behind the scenes these days, but his photography still appears regularly in our galleries and reviews.

Eugene Hsu: Product Manager, Business Development

Eugene grew up in Rochester, NY, learning photography on his father's Nikon F Photomic FTn. Eugene is known among his friends as the camera geek who is always carrying his DSLR to every event, and over a thousand albums on Facebook confirms that identity. Eugene believes that photos can help us remember the best moments of our busy lives. He earned a degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Southern California and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the University of Rochester's Simon Graduate School of Business. While Eugene has had a broad career spanning industries as diverse as enterprise computing, data analytics, video games, and internet humor, his lifetime passion for photography means that he really is happy to be a part of the DPReview family. You can also find him on Twitter

Phil Askey: Founder

Although no longer involved in the day-to-day running of the site, Phil's influence still looms large and he remains a friend to the site and to the team. After over a decade working 24/7 at the helm of DPReview Phil left to pursue other interests in 2010.

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