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Although I'm a scientist by training, having recently completed my Ph.D in biophysics, photography has always been a huge passion of mine. It's been an incredible opportunity to meld these two interests together here at DPReview!

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  • Awesome Bill. Was curious about this and had been meaning to send you some files. I can do so for some other smartphones. Curious though: how is the Pixel 2 ISO-invariant if its input-referred read ...
  • "Turn off live view and the aperture stays open. You can assign a button for stopped down viewing."

    No, turning Live View Settings Effect 'OFF' does *not* cause the aperture to stay open in AF-C....

  • We did measure it using an in-house, sort of back-of-the-hand method, and got:

    a7 III 4K/24p: 25ms

    a7 III 4K/30p: 16.7ms

    We used those numbers to qualitatively say that if you switch to 30p,...

  • Let's just hope that in the 20+ fps future, cameras start using computational methods to yield superior images using multi-frame blending... After a certain point, higher burst rates in and of...

  • If we receive free stuff from every camera company, why is it we're accused of favoring one over the other?

  • "Under Dynamic Pixel Shift the image stabilization is compensating for the natural movement/shake of the photographer while shifting the sensor one pixel."

    Likely impossible.

  • We don't think it's 'merely stacking'. We think it's super-resolution stacking: alignment of four images on a higher resolution grid, then downsampling to the original resolution.

  • That's precisely what we've said: that initial acquisition is wide open, but then it stops down in AF-C.

    One compromise would be to keep focusing wide open until the shutter is depressed, if the...

  • Perhaps this will help:

    If I were designing this camera, I would only have two hardware analog amplification modes: ISO 100 and 640.

    For ISOs 125-500, I would use ISO 100 levels of analog...

  • Updated the 6D II and D750 comparisons. Thank you.

  • I actually hate the dial lock. It's an extra step, which slows me down in fast paced shooting.

    A dial toggle would satisfy all users though.

  • No, the hit rate was very impressive for that stressful a test. From my own experience, the only camera I expect to have done better would be an a9, and that includes DSLRs using either Auto (with...

  • Yes, ACR makes moire a cinch to remove, using the local tool. I was frankly blown away by how far that tool had evolved.

  • I've seen it in my own a7R II, a9, and RX100 V shots, examples of which are linked to in this review. We recreated it with our same setup with an E-M1 II, image also linked in the review.


  • What Androole said.

    The only camera I expect to have done better for that stressful a test is an a9.

  • It only has a horizontal AA filter. It does not filter vertical detail. The a9, OTOH, has both horizontal and vertical AA filtration, making it less prone to moire at a slight sharpness cost.

  • Just remember that the shot of the toddler was taken with a lens known to induce this issue (FE 85/1.8). I was not able to recreate it with the FE 35/1.4, FE 55/1.8, Rokinon 35/2.8, FE 24-105, FE...

  • It's actually quite easy to take a shot on the wide end of the RX100 V where [only one eye is in focus](https://www.dpreview.com/galleries/rishisanyal/photos/3644527/rx100v-banding_in_flare).


  • We've been told by executives on multiple occasions that there's a performance trade-off to Dual-Pixel AF (though I'm still unclear as to exactly why).

    So this is less an oversight or mistake as...

  • We've so far only been able to recreate the issue offensively in real world shooting with one lens. I'm unclear as to how that translates to 'this camera can't shoot against bright light'.

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