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Although I'm a scientist by training, having recently completed my Ph.D in biophysics, photography has always been a huge passion of mine. It's been an incredible opportunity to meld these two interests together here at DPReview!

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  • Why not? Informed opinion, that's why not.

    We assess the amount of progress the 80D and 1D X II demonstrated by going to on-chip ADCs, and extrapolated from there (given they're similar generation...

  • Also, just generic comment: red herring. 1D X shooters in Rio are already aware of the fact that they don't trust iTR, and so rely on single point AF-C, or single-point AF-S as Carey mentioned he...

  • Our impressions are based off of informed opinion and use of the cameras. We'll be backing up our statements with actual photos once we're allowed to publish said photos.

    But if you've been...

  • @AngularJS: Out of curiosity, what do you shoot?

    I also had no trouble shooting landscapes with my 5D I, II, and III. I certainly had trouble shooting weddings with my Mark III, but got great...

  • "How can you be pretty disappointed in a feature that no one else does at all, and even canon down plays it."


    1. Mirrorless cameras don't need the technology at all.
    2. Nikon now has...

  • "Of course you are disappointed. The sun wouldn't rise in the east if you weren't disappointed by a Canon camera."

    But when my colleagues (like Richard) says he wouldn't get his hopes up, that's...

  • Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend getting your hopes up. The re-focusability is incredibly, *incredibly* miniscule. We're not allowed to publish pictures yet, but we were pretty disappointed when...

  • We'll test it more thoroughly later, but it appears to be around 21 Raw (only) images to a fast CF card. It's something like 13-14 for Raw+JPEG.

  • There is no reason to believe this camera has even *equal* shadow noise performance compared to the D810, much less *better* performance...

  • Extending dynamic range of the sensor has no effect on color.

  • We haven't had the chance to shoot in the real world with the Mark IV yet, so, yes.

  • No I don't agree. But maybe that's because I live in Seattle? I also don't shoot hours on end; makes for pretty boring footage.

    I also don't vastly prefer mirrorless over OVF.

    Much the opposite,...

  • Not accidental at all :)

    Nikon has treated you well, yes, not hard to believe. That's one of our points actually.

    But Canon Servo can be very situation-specific in performance, and not *just*...

  • 1/3EV? Are you familiar perchance with the concept of ''margin of error"?

    Also, check DXO's color sensitivity data, not just their SNR 18 (green channel) data.

  • The a7R II also doesn't overheat in 4K for reasonable record times (30 min), unless you're in very hot weather.

  • Yeah Greg, agreed.

    You need to label it something different so pros don't *expect* the same behavior as their previous DSLR.

    And of course expected alignment with previous ways of working may...

  • I don't think Canon's going to get anywhere near Nikon-esque subject tracking capabilities until they finally decide to scrap their entire (viewfinder) PDAF system and start from scratch.

    Which is...

  • Yes, I agree with you 100%, save for the minor (major?) point that there *are* pros who *aren't* sports shooters who'd benefit from Dual Pixel AF's (DPAF) reliability and subject/face tracking and,...

  • Thank you; fixed.

  • "While the total DR isnt as good as the 80D, the image quality of the 6D is still better when you count other factors such as noise and color retention at each ISO level. Simply in a different...

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