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Richard Butler
Richard Butler
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Richard graduated as a scientist but had a lot more fun writing and shooting for his university magazine. A number of years spent variously as a reporter, writer and editor on science and engineering titles combined his knowledge of science with his interest in images and words. But it was spotting the connections between emission spectra, white balance and all the nonsense he'd taught himself playing around in Photoshop that helped kindle an interest in digital photography. Searching for a camera led to him discovering DPReview and Richard was recruited by Phil Askey in 2007. He's been combining his love of photography, communication and attention to detail (pedantry?) ever since.

He has unusually strong opinions about lenses for the APS-C format.

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Olympus SP-560UZ Review
Olympus was one of the first manufacturers to realize that building digicams around small sensors allows much longer zooms to be offered without the bulk of the camera becoming unmanageable. With its "Ultra zoom" range, starting back in 2000 with the 2.1MP C-2100UZ, Olympus almost single-handedly created a niche for digicams offering 10X optical zooms in relatively compact formats. Over the years, that niche has developed into a popular and fiercely fought market segment.
Just posted! Fuji FinePix S8000fd review
Just posted! Our review of FujiFilm's FinePix S8000fd. The S8000fd strives to offer point-and-shoot convenience with the option of manual controls in a body with an unfeasibly long 18x zoom lens. In what has already become a crowded market segment, can the S8000fd be all things to all people? Find out after the link.
Fujifilm Finepix S8000fd  Review
Having recently taken its long zoom cameras into ever more DSLR-like territory, Fuji's S8000fd is something of a departure. The S8000fd places a smaller sensor behind a much longer-range zoom lens in a less SLR-like body. Going head to head with the Panasonic FZ18 and Olympus SP560UZ the S8000fd is Fuji's most ambitious zoom compact to date. It is also the first long-zoom camera from Fuji to offer image stabilization (in this case a CCD-shake system), which is offered by most competing brands and is pretty much essential with a zoom this long.
Just posted! Nikon Coolpix P5100 review
Just posted! Our review of Nikon's flagship compact camera. Offering manual exposure controls in a small, magnesium alloy body, the P5100 is probably best considered a 'photographers' compact.' The extra manual controls don't come at the expense of the face detection and vibration reduction features seen on most contemporary compact though. At its launch, Nikon promised improvements over the slightly disappointing P5000 and it is the first compact to have Nikon's Expeed branding applied to it. So can it cut it in a world of competitive compacts and budget-priced DSLRs? Read our review to find out
Nikon Coolpix P5100 Review
Announced just six months after the launch of the P5000, the Nikon P5100 is a gentle re-working of the existing model with a slightly larger, more pixel-dense sensor and hardware-based face-detection. Beyond that, the changes are predominantly cosmetic alterations to the existing model. The camera is Nikon's flagship compact camera, with the 'P' denoting 'performance.' Although it may not visually leap out from a line-up of contemporary compacts, its magnesium alloy body and manual exposure controls belie the unassuming appearance. It aims to offer a greater degree of manual control than the majority of compact cameras and has a strong feature set to help it stand apart. We were actually very impressed with the P5000's image quality and feature set, and only really complained about the sluggish performance. So has Nikon fixed the P5000's Achilles' heel in this update? Lets find out!
Canon SD870 IS Digital ELPH (IXUS 860 IS) Concise Review
The SD870 IS (known in Europe as the IXUS 860 IS and in Japan as the IXY Digital 910IS), announced in August, is a replacement for the SD 800 IS (IXUS 850 IS), one of last year's most popular ultra compacts. It retains the SD800's optically stabilized 28-105mm (equiv.) zoom lens, making it one of the only cameras in this sector of the market with this useful wideangle capability, and throws a few new or upgraded features into the mix, including improved Face Detection AF and red-eye reduction in playback mode, and Auto ISO shift. The other changes are fairly predictable, with a larger screen and just under one million extra pixels. The highlights of the specification are as follows:
Just posted! Canon SD870 IS review

Just Posted! Our concise review of the Canon SD870 IS (or IXUS 860 IS if you live in Europe). The replacement for the popular SD800 IS has the same versatile 28-105mm wideangle zoom but ups the resolution to 8MP and screen size to a whopping 3.0 inches - and throws in a few new features to boot. Find out if SD870 IS improves on its well-respected predecessor after the link...