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On article What you need to know about Sony's a7R III (622 comments in total)
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acinas92: Great and objective summary. I would like to know if there is any info regarding the video bitrates and compression. I assume it shoots UHD 100mbs and 420@8bits internally but if it could shoot at 10bits or higher data rates, even if externally only, that would be enough for me to stop waiting for the a7s iii as that would put the a7riii as a perfect "(mainly)photo/(but-also-pretty-nice)video" hybrid. I reckon that expecting 422 10bits and 400mbs as the GH5 is not reasonable, but just a noticeable improvement would be nice. Also, has the sensor scanning speed increased? Would that reduce the rolling shutter artifacts?

Yes, the standard XAVC-S specs of recent Sonys.

Link | Posted on Oct 26, 2017 at 19:49 UTC
On article What you need to know about Sony's a7R III (622 comments in total)
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Photo graphic: The Multi-shot mode is a nice addition, but also kind of a bummer. It needs to wait at least 1 second between each shot, so 3 seconds of wait time total.

I've run into many instances with my Olympus where I only had about 1 or 2 seconds to take a picture because of people walking by or cars driving by possibly ruining the shot.
Still, Kudos for adding it.

The biggest disappointment is no touchscreen. Being able to touch an eye or other focal point on the screen and instantaneously taking a picture is amazingly helpful. Changing focus during video by touching a point on the screen is also a great benefit.
We talk about how great these cameras are for holding over our heads or down low to get different perspectives, and adding a tap focus/shutter makes doing those so much faster and easier.

The effective resolution of multi shot images is 42.4MP but with full colour information at each pixel (so higher detail and colour capture than 42.4MP Bayer). It's essentially the same Bayer-cancelling process that Pentax does in-camera.

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On article What you need to know about Sony's a7R III (622 comments in total)
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legokangpalla: Why is it names A7RIII instead of A9R like A7II -> A9?
Is there going to be an A9R?

So far there's only been one a9 series camera. Too little to interpret a pattern from.

The a9 is a *much* more expensive camera aimed primarily at sports pros, the a7 series (original, S and R) are less expensive and aimed at a wider market. It's not clear to me what you'd put in a camera that sits above this or whether there would be a market for an a9-level, resolution-focused camera.

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On article What you need to know about Sony's a7R III (622 comments in total)
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Photo graphic: Question for Jeff Keller, Could you give more details on the touchscreen?
(I was wrong and apologize for saying below it did not have one - though it appears to lack functionality found in other cameras)

Is it better than the A6500 which did very little and cannot be used to active the shutter? Or have they improved this?
It appears you are implying it only works when your eye is at the viewfinder. I hope that is not true.
" Touchpad AF feature, which lets you use the LCD to move the focus point while your eye is to the viewfinder."
Does it work other times too??
"Movement can be absolute (you're picking a point on the frame) or relative (to the current focus point). You can also restrict the active area to certain parts of the screen. Our first impression is that Touchpad AF seems rather over-sensitive, jumping almost uncontrollably around the screen"
Can you use it to adjust focus during video? Is there a touch shutter? Can you pinch to zoom?

The use is somewhat limited (and a lot like the a6500). You can tap on the screen to focus (including in video, if you turn 'Center Lock-On AF' on), or use it as a touchpad when the camera is to your eye. You can also scroll around the image once you've zoomed in (with a button).

There's no control over menus or function panels and no tap to shoot.

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On article What you need to know about Sony's a7R III (622 comments in total)
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Nicolas Alexander Otto: Weathersealing is missing. Otherwise I would really consider finally switching.

It's weathersealed in as much as anything short of an actually "water*proof*" camera is weather sealed.

ie: it's [designed to withstand moisture and dust]( but makes no promises. This is the same approach taken by all major manufacturers.

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On article Sony a7R III sample gallery (261 comments in total)
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Bassman2003: These images do look nice, better than I expected for color. Although I think they look "modern" I would like for them to be a little less digital looking? does that make sense?

I have always liked how Canon has ridden this edge of detail, sharpness and character. Maybe this can be processed away? Anyway, looking forward to seeing if the video images are improved as well.

These are all at straight out of camera JPEGs.

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On article Video: Sony a7R III first look (155 comments in total)
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Dr Blackjack: So USB-C or micro-B?

Why not both? Now we can charge while you tether.

Yes, remote in Micro B and power over C is possible.

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On article Video: Sony a7R III first look (155 comments in total)
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maxmarra: it is NOT the same sensor as the A7II. you are giving false information DPR

I wonder why senior people from Sony keep telling us it is, then.

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OlHeath: As an A7Rii owner looking to upgrade, this is an annoying announcement. No play memories? Why are they reducing features? Smooth reflection and HDR apps were excellent, I used them, now if I upgrade I can't.

So get an A9 - also no playmemories, and no Log!

Can DPR please ask Sony why TF they keep removing features of their cameras that people used and liked?

Sadly I have to correct my earlier statement: the camera does not use PlayMemories apps. (Based on hands-on experience)

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Simone S: Let's hope in a last firmware update for the "old" A7RII to improve AF performance..

Some of the a9's AF ability came from its very fast sensor readout, which meant it could provide more information to the AF system. Without moving to a very expensive Stacked CMOS chip, the a7R III isn't going to fully match this.

Link | Posted on Oct 25, 2017 at 12:26 UTC
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manuth: Gee, I really can't stand this whole complaint that: autofocus sucks in live view = unusable video. As if videos with large budgets use autofocus all the time.

The article points out that users with experience of videography will be familiar with manually focusing. However, for stills photographers needing to quickly switch between stills and video, useable AF would be a benefit.

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InfamousOne: *Pioneering work of the Nikon D90... Not Canon 5D MKII.

What effect on the industry did the D90's 720p have on the industry? None that I observed. The 5D II became the *de facto* DSLR for film makers and is the reason the 5D series is still taken seriously for video, despite them having rather fallen behind their rivals.

I wrote our D90 review and probably wrote our launch content for it. I'm aware that it beat the 5D II to the market by a couple of days, but it's the Canon that did the pioneering work of establishing DSLR as video cameras.

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On article Fujifilm X-E3 Review (742 comments in total)
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NicoPPC: @DPR: Is the kit 18-55 lens, included with this camera, sharp ?

We've always been impressed by the copies we've encountered. It's a significant step up from most kit lenses, in terms of solidity of build as much as the aperture specs.

Link | Posted on Oct 24, 2017 at 21:11 UTC
On article Fujifilm X-E3 Review (742 comments in total)
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NCB: An odd review. The example images are largely low light, with no landscapes or similar. The product is expensive for what you're getting; e.g. the Nikon D5600 would be a fair comparison and only 60% of the price, whereas the D7500 is overkill. This doesn't seem a gold award camera.

The D5600 is a single dial camera, so it's not directly comparable, since it offers a lot less direct control. It's also hard to directly compare them, given they have such different lens options.

The D5600 with 18-140mm was announced at $1200 whereas the X-E3 with the rather higher-end 18-55mm F2.8-4 was launched for $1300. That said, while the D7500 is a little more expensive, but is a closer match in terms of levels of control and 4K capability.

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On article Fujifilm X-E3 Review (742 comments in total)
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Mike FL: X-E3 is inflating ISO by looking the ISO-200 RAW for example, all 4 set to f/5.6. look the shutter speed, X-E3 inflates the speed for a FULL stop comparing to NIKON.

Very BAD.

DPR should correct the Lab testing as did before for RAWs, or it is bad testing as it is now.

No good.

Looks like the wrong files have been processed for both the Fujifilm and the D7500.

In Raw mode they [all should be shown with the same exposure](, precisely to demonstrate the effect if you take ISO calibration out of the equation. I'll get it fixed as soon as I can.

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VanHoff: Here you can download the best Log Profiles on the web to get top quality Video performance on the D850 (and all Nikon Dslrs):

There are references to the existence of home-brew, Log-like profiles in the article.

We hope to have a look at them at some point, but that would be a separate article.

Link | Posted on Oct 24, 2017 at 14:30 UTC
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kobakokh: D850 is also not for beginners. Very wrong title for this articles. What? Canon 5D M3 (i have one) is for beginners? Also: after 1 month experience that beginners will be not "beginners", and what again? they mu7st buy new camera in different period of learning or using cameras? Fact is: who want video, they must buy special video cameras. Otherwise who will buy this top pro cameras for shoot video of family sometimes somewhere?

A professional wedding photographer might reasonably buy a D850 yet still be a beginner in terms of videography.

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2492 comments in total)
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fmulta: I get that comparing the X Pro 2 with the Nikon D5500 is logical in the sense that they're APS-C sensors, but it also seems true that these two cameras are quite different user levels. I might be projecting here, but I think the D750 is a more logical comparison despite the sensor size difference. I know a wedding and event photographer that ditched their DSLR system for these. My experience with Fuji was, I had to sell off the X100T soon after buying it as the performance just wasn't there for me. But I'm looking forward to seeing if this one will let me save my neck and put down my Nikon for most shooting. I'm hopeful.

We only compared to the D5500's sensor because that was the best-performing APS-C chip on the market at the time. As you say, they're very different cameras.

You're welcome to compare with the D750 to see what benefits the additional sensor size brings, but in the review we were trying to see how the Pro2's chip performs, which is easier to tell without the added complication of changing sensor size.

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Savannah0986: Gosh, that's the first we've heard about the D850 here on DPReview ... NOT!!

What next? A lengthy article about how nice the strap is? Meanderings (fully illustrated of course) about its original packaging? Personally I'd like to hear more about its shutter button, I mean, does it get wet in the rain? There's scope for so many more D850 articles.


Photo graphic - that shouldn't be the case. We'll try to look into it.

Please bear in mind that the forums are not generally moderated by DPReview staff, they're moderated by volunteers from those forums. It's a difficult job to do and you always end up looking like the bad guy. However, their actions are not dictated by DPReview.

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On article Canon G1 X III vs. Sony Cybershot RX100 V (632 comments in total)
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paralloid: guys, what a strange paragraph around their low-light performance!

> Because of their size difference, the RX100 V's lens is equivalent
> to a F4.9-7.6 on full-frame; the Canon is equivalent to F4.5-9.
> So it's really likely to be a wash in both the subject isolation
> and low light departments: the Sony is a little better on the
> long end, and the Canon is a tiny fraction better on the wide end.

I thought that f1.8 is f1.8 as it is just a *ratio* and in terms of the light capturing will mean exactly the same both on 1/2.3" and FF. So actually sony should capture more light than canon both on wide (1.8 vs 2.8) and long ends (2.8 vs 5.6) - this means you will be able to use shorter shutter speeds or lower ISOs with Sony.

What this FF equivalence might be useful for, is only to assume what will the depth of field be like, to have more or less precise understanding of the background blur on certain mm's, but not the light performance.

It's a question of perspective. F-numbers and the exposure model tell you about light per unit area. Which is great if you only ever print or view images in direct proportion to the sensor size.

Equivalence takes a whole-image perspective (light per unit area \* area), so tells you how the two cameras would compare when printed or viewed at the same size. It tells you about the *potential* of both systems in terms of depth-of-field, diffraction and total light availability (and hence a good idea of noise performance).

[This article has more detail](

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