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  • Created discussion thread LR to PS import upside down?
    Hi, On some images I don't do anything in LR, just import into PS for editing and they are upside down. SO irritating and time consuming to rotate. Nothing has been done, no actions applied to ...
  • Replied in Wow
    Wow, kudos samyang! Exciting times, maybe they will release more lenses? WOW
  • Created discussion thread 120 FPS ? VS 120fps video
    There is some excitement about a new feature that Nikon has implemented in the Z9, shooting reduced Mpx jpegs at 120 fps. Is this really anything 'new/different' from shooting video at 120 fps and ...
  • Replied in 70-200>>135
    135 is easy to love but hard to use. It is great but not versatile and eventually feels limiting. It has style and personality and character. I talk to mine when we shoot. 70-200 is 'nothing to ...
  • Replied in Thank you
    Not sure why it didn't come to my mind, thank you. Lately google is returning so many useless off-topic results that I have developed an aversion to looking things up there. Thank you for the ...
  • Hi, I see some cameras with what seems to me a glued on little red bubble that elevates the shutter buttons out of the well and makes it easier to depress. It's something the owner clearly added ...
  • OMG, really now, you saved me so much aggravation. Exactly what this is, zoom in/out to center. Why PS plays these cruel games I don't know. One day I open and some setting is changed in the ...
  • Replied in Not it
    No, doesn't work, makes no difference. Before the image was always 'held at center'. No matter what I did it stayed centered, I zoom and bring that area into view, work on it, then anything I do it ...
  • Created discussion thread PS magnify setting help
    Hi Something changed with my PS. When I magnify with the shortcut Ctrl+ the image now increases but also zooms out on part of the image so most of the image slowly gets off screen and I have to ...
  • Replied in question
    I like this lens, considering it. How does it cover the Full Frame, could you post an example? Some crop lenses have surprisingly large circles and nearly completely cover the FF sensor, others not ...
  • Replied in Wow
    My personal choice is 45, I am a sucker for that focal length. But regarding those images, WOW. I could never get anything in focus like that, look at the lashes, perfection. If you can get this ...
  • Replied in Ok,
    Seems they don't want to allow this option, like they did on D850.
  • Created discussion thread Z9+Dx lens?
    How does the Z9 handle Dx lenses? Does it force into the Dx mode, similar to Z6/7 or does it allow an option to record Fx with the vignette, similar to D850 and other brands that shall remain unnamed.
  • Use older flashes or simpler/cheaper ones that don't enter into HSS. Sometimes NOT having that option is better. My old flash is like that, I sync at any speed precisely because it doesn't do HSS. ...
  • Replied in ??
    Use an older or simpler trigger that doesn't do HSS. Same here, I have old trigger that it works with, and the new one that is more electronically advanced that forces into HSS mode and it doesn't. ...
  • Limited knowledge and experience here, new owner of A9, so take this with a grain of salt. Banding is hard to predict, each light source is individual, you may or may not have it, I think the only ...
  • Replied in ??
    I think this may be a case of spurious "syncing'. When the flash duration is longer than the shutter duration, which many flashes have, it would appear that they are syncing. When in fact it's just ...
  • Replied in Great info
    Thanks for the info, same situation, Nikon F glass on Sony bodies, hoping to adapt, tried Fotodiox adaptor before with ok results and interested in this one too.
  • Replied in ISO question
    Shouldn't the graphs be aligned? Lowest ISO on one camera lined up with lowest ISO on another camera and then incremental steps from there? I am not sure but I thought that ISO numbers are not ...
  • Replied in ICE effect
    cute and simple, thank you
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