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DSLR demise greatly exaggerated. Very few ML cameras in this list.

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I like this advice generally but have to differ on a couple points.
Making sure the film is loaded correctly on a 35mm camera is as simple as looking to be sure the rewind knob is rotating when you advance the film. On a point and shoot that may have auto rewind I realize that isn’t as easy.
For the metering part, use an incident, with the dome out and facing right at the taking lens/camera. Unless your subject is backlit (like sunset or sunrise) this will get you a really accurate exposure.
Lastly, on the UV filter, I personally never use them, and I know this is a hot button issue for people. I would say if you are going to be near water, salt water especially, yes great idea. And if you have had incidences of dropping your camera, yes again. But I have been doing photography for 50 years, professionally for much of that time, and have maybe dropped gear twice. The downside of a UV filter is two parallel glass surfaces which can create a loss of contrast in the image.

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Sylvain G: ermm
While I'm happy DPreview started to publish film photography content, I'm not entirely happy with the current "link to 35mmc" partnership and what it implies.
The thing is, and that is very personal, my opinion, that Hamish tends to be a bit too verbose and that's absolutely his own right and 35mmc has a consistent direction but I was sort of expecting something more in line with the DPReview editorial style, and seamlessly embedded in the site. Every author has his/her own style but they all remain sort of concise while still being able to convey opinions. Hard to pinpoint exactly but I find that I don't really want to hop to 35mmc. Just my humble opinion and perhaps it will be useful to DPR staff and Hamish, whose site I've been reading every now and then for years now.

Back on Topic, the Plaubel is truly a weird thing. I found amusing to find this article as I'm finally getting around to using it after a long while...

“I'm not entirely happy with the current ’link to 35mmc’ partnership and what it implies.”

I don’t know what this means. What is being implied? If you are unhappy that a site called “Digital” has added an analog forum, that would make sense although I don’t agree with it, but otherwise I don’t see anything implied.

The staff at DPR were savvy enough to recognize the upsurge in film photography, and reached out to Hamish to see if he wanted to be a moderator of that forum.

I like his writing, and am happy to see this change. The tone has been overall very friendly as well. Kudos to DPR for adding this.

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As a lot of people have said, his products are pricey. Whether they are worth it or not is hard to say, but paying almost $10K for a camera body is crazy too. Each person gets to decide how to spend their own money.

In defense of Gary Fong, although I don’t use much flash anymore, over the years I have bought several of his light modifiers, and they always worked well.

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Sigma is a peculiar brand in regards to camera design/development. Their history is to bring unusual models to market, and a few years later do something completely different. I can’t get a sense of their identity or direction.
What is this brand?
The concept of a FF body this size is intriguing, until you see the price. Not compelling.

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Glad to see this brand come up for air. From this article it appears this is available in England only since the prices are only shown in £.

Unless there is something I missed, I see this unit offered for sale at B&H in NY for $699.95. Odd though that the price would be the same in both currencies.

Brittany-can you clarify?

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On article The 10 most inspiring drone images of 2018 (208 comments in total)

“Costas Spathis-Much of his work is inspired by the sea and his love of symmetry.” However there is a total lack of boating knowledge evidenced by this drone shot. Only the outer ring of boats can actually go anywhere. The rest are all captive within the docks!

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This is still coming up at the top in “Other News”, and from the headline gives the impression it is a current auction. Meanwhile, it sold so long ago it doesn’t even appear now.

I know DPR is struggling for content, and I am sympathetic, but come on, this article is OLD. Archive!!

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Not sure why the eBay link is to eBay.uk. The seller and item are located in the US, and the price on eBay US is in $. The DPR link shows price in pounds.

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Davidveld: Sorry i too love a "one guy beats large firm" story but a company has product A, B and C that connect into server X and then asks people to find bugs on software A. Isnt it a bit tiny bit logic that they dont like it if somebody goes hacking into the server X? If I ask you to hit me in the stomach because ive been training my abs then i woudnt like it if you kick me in the face... They wanted a limited scope of bugfinding on one area. However DJI completely missed a great marketing opportunity here. They just should have paid and learned that inviting hackers to test their products is not a good idea. And the lone hacker should learn his boundaries first... So now everybody looses. Bit i feel not sorry for any of them involved

“And the lone hacker should learn his boundaries first”
Yeah, because actual hackers will respect boundaries.

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Horiz Opposed: In photo number 12 of the gallery, taken by Richard Butler, there are two people, one using a camera phone and one a camera.

I was curious to see what camera. The point is, when I opened the jpeg file, the detail rendered is so good, it is possible to read that it is a 50mm Nikon lens on the camera.

Quite a compliment to this Fuji! That represents a very tiny maybe 1-2% section of the image.

Actually, just noticed there are multiple galleries posted for this camera. The photo mentioned was in the "beta samples" version, posted Jan 23rd.


Sorry for the confusion.

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (880 comments in total)
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bluevellet: Constructive criticism here...

The review is too short. It skips important details because it assumes the reader has intimate knowledge about same features in previous generations of the camera. In a sense, it's a review for a Fuji user, not really for everyone else.

To bluevellet: There is a link in the beginning of the review to a more in depth comparison to previous models.

The alternative would be to have every review recap and explain every feature in previous models of a new camera. THAT would be annoying.

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (880 comments in total)

In photo number 12 of the gallery, taken by Richard Butler, there are two people, one using a camera phone and one a camera.

I was curious to see what camera. The point is, when I opened the jpeg file, the detail rendered is so good, it is possible to read that it is a 50mm Nikon lens on the camera.

Quite a compliment to this Fuji! That represents a very tiny maybe 1-2% section of the image.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1389 comments in total)

Do you know that the price of this camera is displaying as "$750"? In the grid of all Olympus cameras, as well as above where it says "shop now". Wishful thinking!

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Terry Breedlove: The only place that I really want to fly one and take video is in the National Parks. Illegal and would be a complete moronic and rude thing to do so no drone for me.

I agree with Terry. This sounded great until I started thinking about where I could fly. Not many options.

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On article Got Reach? Tamron SP 150-600mm F5-6.3 G2 sample gallery (101 comments in total)

Confused why there are 2 vendors above selling it for $1,426.98, and 1 selling it for $2,218.67. They all say G2. The only difference I see is the $2218 one says "for Nikon Full Size", whatever that means. All of these are compatible with FF sensor (Canon, Nikon, Sony) according to Tamron website.

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On article Flashpoint 180 Monolight Review (49 comments in total)

Not sure what daysatsea meant in the post beginning "As far as I remember..."

If the GN is 48, it means your flash exposure is f/4.8 at 10 feet, using ISO 100. Good luck getting an exposure of f/45 from a guide number of 48.

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On article Video Field Test: Theron Humphrey and the Sony A7R II (186 comments in total)

Really enjoyed this video. Thanks!

Minor point-Tell Humphrey he got his film terms crisscrossed. It was expose for the shadows, develop for the highlights. If you didn't have shadow detail in your exposure, you weren't getting any in the developing.

Keep up the good work.

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tko: So, is Road & Track going to start reviewing tricycles? Field and Stream magnetic fishing games? Better Ammo rubber band guns? High Fidelity USB sticks?

Is there is any hobby where people choose their gear based on how convenient it is, and not how it performs?

In no other enthusiast area do I see such pandering to laziest hobbyists. I don't use the word "lazy" as an insult - I'm lazy in many areas, no big deal. There's a lot of stuff in the world I just don't care about as long as it basically works. It's perfectly OK for people to feel that way about cameras. A minimum performance tool for a job.

But why have a web site that glorifies low performance? Why not write articles about the coolest and the best?

Road & Track will occasionally test a Yugo. Once they tested a blimp. Good clean fun. But they sell magazines with test of exotic supercars. They don't write articles on why a bike is all you really need. This site, seems to want to appeal to the Yugo drivers.

As small cameras get better and better, this is an interesting perspective.
Great food for thought.

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On article Michihiro Yamaki, Sigma founder and CEO dies (56 comments in total)

While I do not know if Mr. Yamaki was ever aware of it, I was the beneficiary of a huge kindness on the part of Sigma Japan. I live in the US.

Back about 2003, there was an ad for a Sigma lens in one of the photo magazines. It was a dramatic, gorgeous scene taken in Croatia by Yuji Obata. I contacted Sigma to see if there might be a poster using that photo that I could get. The NY headquarters replied that no such thing existed, but they put me in touch with someone at the Japanese head office.

After emailing him, a few months went by and I had forgotten about it, assuming that there would not be any way to get a copy of the photo. It was a pretty unusual request on my part.

Then one day, a FedEx parcel arrived from Japan. It was thin, about 16x20 inches, and I excitedly tore it open to find an original signed color print from Yuji Obata.

I will never forget the kindness and extraordinary effort that went into that on the part of Sigma and the artist. Thank you Mr. Yamaki!

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