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On article Second Time Around: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review (327 comments in total)

The review heavily dings the G7xii's lens, but the comparometer shows the canon is better across 75% of the frame. (Look at the RAW images!) And to quote them loosely, the canon has a 50% good/bad rate on lenses, but the sony is 25% good **75%** bad...

When did the outer 10% of the far corners become so photographically important?!

I compared (aka pixel-peeped at 200% zoom, over 5 weeks) the $700 G7xii to a 5Diii and 24-70ii, and I'm thrilled with the G7xii. The sony is not worth ~30% more!

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I bought it. I've been waiting a LONG time for something with much greater IQ than my aging G9. I DL'd RAWs, and am surprised how good they look, even at high ISO's. Images sharpen up very nicely, and noise is low.

The silly sony trolls go on and on about "4k!". I'm SURE they also have the monster tripods that will be needed to see ANY improvement over the g7xii @ 1080. Of course, none of them could -afford- that tripod, after spending $300 more for the sony baloney...

This Canon will be a hit. It'll be a long 30 day wait till mine arrives.

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