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Just tried this software and I think it is FANTASTIC. I wish I could buy it, but it seems to be online only. It is extremely simple to use and avoids most of the problems I have encountered in colourising photographs.

If the developers read this, please get into contact as I would most certainly purchase this software, it is quick and simple and only leaves a small white balance adjustment to be done - certainly in my case.

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1. He was standing in the worst possible space. Any car failing to negotiate there corner was almost bound to hit him
2. He made no attempt to move. It was obvious at least 3 seconds before the accident that he was in a dangerous place
3. Any motor sport is inherently dangerous.

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"were not paid for July and are contractually bound to continue working without pay."

The contract works both ways. No pay = no work" The workers have already fulfilled their part of the agreement by working in July, the employers are in breach by not honouring their part, to pay them at the agreed rate for the work already done.

Personally I would be out of the door and looking for another job whilst my lawyers bring a Breach of Contract action against the company!

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I had the Hi version. I did not keep it long as I moved to the (I think) A200. The most memorable thing was its appetite for batteries, running as I recall on 4 X AAA batteries.

The picture quality was very fair for the time and as has been said, it was my first venture into the digital camera era.

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Wubslin: Too bad there's still no regulations about the unwanted use of cameras in public places.

Public spaces are just that and with certain exceptions NO-ONE can legally stop the use of cameras in public. What have you got to hide?

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BackPacker1532: What is this "and fitted with the recommended custom grip"? I can find no other reference to this item and a grip would (probably) make the camera more "handy".

Many thanks for that. Seems more than likely now that I have dug a little deeper.

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What is this "and fitted with the recommended custom grip"? I can find no other reference to this item and a grip would (probably) make the camera more "handy".

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JKP: The collection is missing the photo of Costa Concordia.

Wasn't sunk in the area covered by the Gibsons

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PhotoHawk: There are much better programs out there for editing photographs than PS Elements for the same price or less. Frankly the GIMP and Rawtherapee combination is far more capable for $149.99 USD less. If one would want a current commercial package the latest versions of Corel's products are quite a bit more comprehensive.

Don't understand this comment as PSE12 is only $99

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