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  • It depends what you want.  The Panny has much longer reach but also much slower lens and HDR is not as good.
  • I had the same dilemma. I actually put in a preorder for the DL24-85 the day it was announced.  But then I found an open box RX100 M4 for $759 and went for it.  Sony does an excellent job with ...
  • Thanks, that's good to know.  I've ordered an open box RX100 M4 as the HDR feature is important to me.  I'm also looking at the P900 and HX90V.  Sounds like you have both.  I can't see having 3 of ...
  • Thanks for the very helpful reply!  That's what I suspected, and it seems unlikely that Nikon will change their HDR.  I find Sony's HDR not only captures highlights well but also brings out the ...
  • So what I'm wondering is whether or not other Nikons have this HDR scene mode and how well does it work?
  • I'm not familiar with auto-HDR.  This is 3-frames, you can specify the +/- f-stops.  It works quite well.
  • Created discussion thread Nikon HDR vs Sony?
    I have the original RX100 and have placed a preorder for the DL24-85.  One thing that I use a lot is the in-camera HDR feature which I think is quite good on the Sony.  Can someone who has ...
  • I have not used the G9X.  I have a Canon 6D and the original RX100.  One feature that nobody has mentioned is in-camera HDR.  The Sony does an amazing job with this, and unless Canon has improved ...
  • I am debating between the same 2 cameras. I have an RX100 M1 that I really like, so the plan was to upgrade to the M4.  One thing that I really like about the Sony is that the in-camera HDR ...
  • You can save the HDR setting to one of the memories and leave the "P" setting at RAW.  When you want HDR, turn dial to "M" and pick the # that you saved the HDR settings to.
  • Yes, Canon does have an HDR mode, it just doesn't do much while the Sony HDR makes a tremendous difference.  I bought a Canon 6D to upgrade my full frame camera to one with HDR, and I think the ...
  • I set HDR on and pressed the shutter. After the 3rd click I hit the timer on my cell phone. When the image appeared on the screen I stopped the timer. Obviously there's some room for error with my ...
  • I just timed my RX100 M1, it took between 5.5 and 6 seconds to process the images after that last image was taken.  1 - 2 seconds would be a great improvement!  Wish the M4 had a 24 - 100 zoom tho :)
  • Thanks!  I'll have to try it on my RX100 M1 when I get home. I think it's more like 4 or 5 seconds tho on my M1.   I use it a lot on outdoor shots where there's bright sky, rocks, snow and dark ...
  • I have the original RX100 and am considering an upgrade to the IV or Canon G5/7X.  One concern I have is that I really like the in-camera HDR processing on the Sony.  It brings out colors and if ...
  • Created discussion thread RX100 M4 HDR Processing Time
    Would someone with a RX100 M4 mind posting how long it takes to process HDR in camera?  I'm curious if it's much faster than the original RX100.  Thanks!
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