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  • Thank you for the explanation, GJNY!
  • And, having discussed the Pentax K-1, 645Z and Theta, we wanted to check whether the company still has time for models such as the GR. Absolutely, says Saiki: ‘Ricoh GR is one of our most ...
  • It looks as if the Chevy enjoyed that day a lot, too. :) I love the third photo. What’s “sex wax” – the sign dangling from the rear-view mirror?
  • Replied in "Anything GR"
    The GR is a successful camera dominating its niche. Why would Ricoh change it radically? For sure, Ricoh may rethink cameras and introduce something radically new again like they did with the ...
  • The GRs are great and successful cameras. Of course there will be a successor to the GR II.
  • That’s cool, Tom! By the way, have you ever thought about adding a clip on mirror to your arsenal for overhead shots (hot shoe mounted) or very low shots (tripod mount mounted) as an alternative to ...
  • The WG-50 is a WG-40 with a new number, isn’t it? The WG-5 has a brighter lens.
  • Assuming you don’t mean this, http://www.submin.com/16mm/collection/steky/cameras/ricoh_16.htm , there is no “Ricoh 16” camera currently. The 16 may have slipped into an offering because the WG-50 ...
  • It's not huge, quite similar to the announced Ricoh actually:
    Weight: 234g (8.3 oz, inner camera with battery and memory card)
    Dimensions: 67 x 116 x 36 mm (2.6”H x 4.6”W x 1.4”D, inner...

  • The SeaLife DC2000 is a 1" rugged/waterproof compact.
    It doesn’t zoom optically though.


  • 1" sensor compact rugged/underwater camera: SeaLife DC2000

    (The picture you see on that...

  • Replied in ridiculous
    :) I already did more than once in this thread, but I’ll try again, hopefully in a more accessible way. The image reproduction of lenses is usually not evenly distributed all over their image ...
  • I bet this camera is produced in China or a lower wage country and I assume Nikon didn’t have to spend much R&D effort on this camera.

    But I agree that a company should be careful not to ruin...

  • “Ah, the Coolpix A300. This 2016 release features a 1/2.3" sensor, 720p video and a low-resolution 230k-dot rear screen. Please Nikon, why?”

    The rear screen and video specs could be better, but...

  • Replied in ridiculous
    I’ve never said Ricoh would correct anything in the GR, not even by software. No one doubted that the GR had an APS-C sensor or that its lens’ focal length was 18.3 mm. “Manipulation”, “deceit”, ...
  • It may be helpful to look at the Pentax Q-mount lenses to understand my point. The Pentax Q-System started with camera sensors of the 1/2.3" type. But two years later Pentax added a camera with a ...
  • The key is in the word “equivalent” (the GR lens’ focal length is neither 40 mm nor 28 mm actually). The “full frame equivalent” focal length does not depend on the lens’ view angle alone, but ...
  • Thanks for sharing! :)
  • I think it would be awesome if companies who terminate a camera system would donate the technology and specifications to the public. I’d be interested in playing with and enhancing the firmware ...
  • And it is an honor and joy that you share your progress with us! :)
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