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SmilerGrogan: Why is it so hard for corporations to understand that if you don't have a model release, you can't use the photo. Period.
We've tried to make easy for them. There's a whole section in the IPTC Extension metadata specifically for models including their age and the status of the model release. All they have to do is look.
Are they ignorant or evil? Either way, something has to change.

Cars bang into other cars on the way to work, not hard to figure out that errors of judgement or accidents happen.
Do you agree that the 2 billion dollars should be awarded as if she is the sole person responsible for all profits between 2006 and 2015? Or is this just another one of those games they seem to play now and again in the US, a mirror whose letters saying that the "objects might appear to be smaller" were in the wrong font, coffee too hot, brake pad too wide, sue them for one billion and they will offer 100 million ...
Whilst you are technically correct regarding the model release form, your assumption that all they had to do was "look". My guess is that there might have been different peopel involved selecting the images, not every advertisement specialist reads the EXIF but assumes that the photos are legally usable when they come from a photographer.
Wrong assumption?

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justmeMN: I've seen so many "blurred running water due to long exposure" photos, that that technique has lost its charm. Different subject, same general technique and outcome. I know, everyone here disagrees. So it goes. :-)

Indeed, so many sunsets, beautiful people, cups of coffee ...

Or those dreadful HDRs.

However: this is fog and goes a tad beyond plonking a tripod in front of a waterfall, then get the old ND filter out, do a massive yawn, than take the shot.

Fog is a far more fickle subject!

You disagree?

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Why no questions about the possible X-E3? Was the selection of admissible questions hand-picked or are you simply only interested in the top end?

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Where is that?

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PVCdroid: Something has to give. The DPR ratings aren't making sense anymore. The sensor needs to play a bigger role in ratings. When the RX1RII with a 42mp sensor and highest DR and ISO performance gets the same rating as this tiny sensor camera, we've got a problem. The PEN-F is popular and a great camera but sensor IQ should be weighted higher.

If you want to really up your game, you should get the LX100. 85 points - and GOLD ...
Makes you wonder though ...

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eazizisaid: Coming from the mouth of the Director Mister TT, the difference between the XT1 & XP1 :

The XT1 is for sport nature and wildlife
The XP1 is for street photographers !

That's one bad answer.

I think he was talking about the camera design in general and not so much about how the X-T1 is the pinnacle of technology for sports and wildlife.

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On article Going Pro: We interview Fujifilm execs in Tokyo (354 comments in total)

I would actually prefer a FF version like the Q or the RX1 series. To get their feet wet in this market maybe and maybe also to cater for those that want rather the best camera to sit alongside their Fuji APS-C system. I use the RX1r alongside the X-T1 at the moment, a massive step up from what I can get from the Fuji.
I don't believe that I am the only person who would appreciate one of those, maybe with the same battery (challenge, challenge...) but certainly with the UI.
APS-C and mid-format?? Like a US$ 1.000,00 body plus an 8-10K midformat (anything above 3K I would suggest will possibly not appeal to a greater audience)? Like the Pentax where the gap is just way too wide imo.

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"ISO 100 - 51200 (expandable to 50 - 1640000)"

ISO 1-million, 640.000? Or is this the next generation A7S II killer??

My guss is that this is a typo, sadly the camera a tad too late for some ...

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Frank C.: 35mm...
too wide for portraits
too narrow for landscapes
the no man's land of focal lengths
what is there to like??

No man's or everybody's land ... I use the RX1 for portraits as well as for architecture and landscapes.
What is there to like? Everything??

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People typically lose the equivalent of an RX1 within the first few months after they bought a new car. Commonly accepted, but when somebody gets something equivalent to the loss value then there typically is a choir of people shouting: nutcase!
So Donny, with all due respect, people have paid for stuff less desirable and possibly less value retaining than an RX1. I currently use an RX1r and have a reasonable good idea what the reviewer is talking about here.
If I didn't have an RX1r already I would consider the new MKII model.

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On photo Devonport Fog in the Your Best From the Panasonic LX100 challenge (2 comments in total)

Thanks Castaway ... I quite like th handling of the camera, but use other cameras as well ...

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I was aware of that, thanks. One of those issues where you think that maybe you should immediately discard - or keep. I decided to keep the image.

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Jettubby: There is no support for Tamron lenses specifically. Also I'd like to see in the white balance correction, the option for the picker to pick white areas of the image for white balance correction versus just grey. Other than this I like the RAW processing much better than Lightroom

"White" as such is just one shade of grey, that is equal parts of all three colours. C1 works on all those, including white.

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I can only hope for the sake of consumers that this will not be the future where you are hooked into lease/rent/subscribe models where - after you hop on the bus - the earning capacity of the software companies involved with be limitless. Maybe a great time to promote other companies that haven't embraced the policy yet, like JASC (Corel) Paint Shop Pro or PhaseOne's Capture One!! All of a sudden their pricing looks like a steal ...

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On article Photokina 2012: Interview - Dirk Jasper of Nikon (216 comments in total)

The most obvious question for D300 forum readers would be: Whats happening to a successor for the D300? It seems to me that the questions were prepared as in "I am glad you asked that question" ...
boot-licking-good interview! Very impressive!

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