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  • @virtualreality, any consumer? There must be many "non-consumers" because Canon is still selling well. Also note, the new #2, Sony also have a complex product offering A and E mount is FF and...

  • My prediction for Canon is that they have it their migration strategy in place when they announced Dual pixel.

    Now, the can provide FF mirrorless with native mirrorless lenses. FF mirrorless with...

  • Good idea, I'm going to clean my contacts on the 50-150 also and do some test this long holiday weekend (in the US).
  • took over 300 shots all at 15 fps.  None missed.  All were exposed correctly.  What I did do was I removed the 50-1250 f2.8 and re-attached it before reshooting this time.
  • I haven't seen this until the last time.  Taken over 10K  so far, not much by sporting photog standards but I have many camera systems so I rotate them.  Until the last time, all images taken were ...
  • Shooting Aperature priority set at 2.8.  With AF-S and 15 fps, the exposures are perfect but every once in a while a completely black exposure.  I should have looked at the EXIF but I deleted all ...
  • no,
    1: blame previous executive management
    2: blame leftover middle level manager
    3: blame the worker bees and engage in massive lay offs
    4: blame anti-business regulations that magically target...

  • Created discussion thread NX1 issue and ironic moment
    I have the NX1 and 50-150 F2.8 semi-permanently attached since the day I got them.  Now that the system is dead, my plan was to hold off buying any other APS-C sports body until this combo dies. ...
  • Have the 1D mk2,3,and 4. Miss the 1.3x crop but I understand Canon's decision.

  • What? you can't let Barnet or whatever his name make the same comment over and over and over on this single thread? Where's your humanity man! :)
    Being able to tell other people that how they...

  • @Barnet, I get a kick when somebody tell another person that their decision doesn't make sense. I really do. But, just to amuse you. I own every system or every brand, with extensive lens...

  • I'd buy a V5, with updated specs from the J5, which I have.

  • Commented on article Sony a9 first look videos

    We ask why world peace is so difficult to achieve... when a new camera announcement threatens the fragile egos of so many people... all the negativity, biases, and sheer hatred from "the other"...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 first look videos

    @ virtualreality. Sony is number 1 in image sensor, but they are still not the dominant camera manufacturer. I have both RX100 and RX10 series, even the Pany superzoom but this is a small market....

  • Commented on article Sony a9 first look videos

    @virtualreality, no, I have the full range of 2.8 to 4, to small collapsible zooms. They are pretty much the same size and weight, the Sony f4 70-200 on the E mount is the same size as my Canon...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 first look videos

    @T3, I own and use all brands and I certain don't wish Sony to go away but I don't wish for Canon or Nikon to go away either. Seems to me it is you who have the "us" vs "them" mindset. If Sony...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 first look videos

    @virtualreality. Just because a lens is mirrorless it doesn't mean it magically becomes smaller. Sony constant f2.8 zoom lenses are the same size as their A mount counterparts. If you confound...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 first look videos

    @ RubberDails, that space where the mirror are right now isn't a big deal. I"m perfectly fine shooting DSLR lenses adapted to mirrorless. CAnon also have the best AF for video, dual pixel AF so...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 77D Review

    @uniqumm, DPR is owned by Amazon. If they persist in hiring foreign British worker, Trump may have to seize the company and sell it to one of his sons for $1 and make DPR great again.

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 77D Review

    Pointless now, US Federal agencies must now buy American, hire American. Since Canon is a foreign product, no US agency should even consider this. I hope Trump expands this to declare that all...

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