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  • Please give me a mirrorless APS-C Sony or Canon alternative for this lens. There is non. If it’s to big or expensive for you than buy the 17mm f/1.8 or 17mm f/2.8.

  • Also the Canon SL2 is almost as small as the Olympus E-M1 Mark II. And much cheaper to.

    So the SL2 with 35mm f/2 is similar tot the E-M1 Mark II with 17mm f/1.2 and much smaller, lighter and...

  • If only it was a MFT camera. Than it would be nice to have a full range of lenses to go with this body. It would be a nice premium MFT body and would sell more. It would give people a change to...

  • Be aware where you buy it. In the Netherlands it's 150 euro everywhere. Bought mine from a German shop by Amazon and only payed something like 80 euro.
  • The PEN-F is the high end in the E-P series. I had the E-P3, great high end camera but the PEN-F beats it in every way at almost the same size. The high end E-P serie was never about small, that ...
  • Still working just fine. A very good entrance to flash photography I think. But macro photography  is harder than expected. :)
  • You are missing many points many people are pointing out to you over and over again. Cheap entry level dSLR's use the same APS-C sensors (except Canon's) as MILS APS-C offerings from Fuji and Sony. ...
  • Just like they where in trouble when they where stuck with the 12MP sensor for years and years? In that time the marketshare of MFT only grew. Just like Canon was in big trouble when they had a ...
  • The Olympus MILC line-up currently consists of 5 models/lines. PEN Line E-PL8 PEN-F OM-D Line E-M10 Mark III E-M5 Mark II E-M1 Mark II 5 camera lines is more than enough especially for a small ...
  • Just wait for the GX9.

  • So it's not a camera for you. Good observation, this camera is not for everyone. Like all camera's. Your 6D with a set of lenses is not enough compact or lightweight for me. So it's a good thing we...

  • Because this is a relatively big MFT camera, all the small MFT camera’s suddenly stop to excist? Panasonic and Olympus aren’t producing any small MFT camera’s anymore? Funny to see that choice of...

  • The E-M1 Mark II sells pritty wel for $2000 body only. So what's nuts about a cheaper model with almost the same or even more features?

  • Impossible to make such a statement after this announcement. Who knows there will be another small MFT body soon. But the GX850 is announced only 10 months ago.

  • Panasonic Lumix DC-GX850 came out this year, Olympus PEN E-PL8 last year. MFT is so much more versatile than EOS-M.

  • The reality is that MFT give you choices, if you can’t handle that than it’s not for you. You can have a small body with small lenses, a big body with big lenses, a small body with big lenses or a...

  • davev8, because pro camera's need to be big for a lot of buttons and dials and a good grip to hold them all day. So no matter what sensor size, a pro camera will never be small. Sony also increased...

  • That would be really helpful insights in the professional photography world.
    But how to figure it out?

  • aloli, you can put the M.Zuiko 300mm f4 on this body, native. Or any Canon or Nikon lens you want with an adapter.

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