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  • I just did my own test of 412 photos along with edits and process recipes in both a session and catalog. Identical processing in both. Both the session and catalog were about the same size. After ...
  • I'm using IMATCH as well. Can you explain in more detail how you sync between IMATCH and CO? Thanks, Mike
  • I store all my personal files on a secondary internal SSD. Once a day I attach my external disc drive via usb and backup all my personal files using "Robocopy" which is setup to only replace ...
  • Thanks, Ian. This seems like an excellent setup for my model ship sessions
  • I agree, sessions would work nicely for my model ship projects. However, once the build log pages are completed, I rarely go back and apply more edits to the photos. I would like to keep all of ...
  • Created discussion thread C1 Sessions or Catalog
    I'm new to C1 and need help in deciding whether to choose a sessions or a catalog setup for my model ship builds. This is a shot of the folder structure for the various model ship builds I have ...
  • C1 is doing the same thing. Had to use their advanced color module to correct the overly saturated yellow in my .nef files. Got a poor result from the new X-Rite ICC profile in C1 ver 11.3. Much ...
  • I had the same problem in both C1 and the CS6 version of ACR with my Nikon D5100 photos. In ACR I lowered the orange saturation in the HSL module. In C1 I used the color editor picker in advanced ...
  • Right! I'm using FRV and really like it. I'm hoping that other file formats will be added to the grouping options.
  • I should have mentioned that I'm trying to find a non-Adobe product for this.
  • I find it useful to group-stack when I have the original raw file and its accompanying edit files like .tif, .psd, .jpg. all in the same folder. Makes it easier to navigate the folder.
  • I find it hard to believe that only one program listed here is able to group multiple files into a stack to consolidate and organize for ease of viewing. Adobe Bridge.
  • Replied in Capture One
    I reinstalled and the iMATCH application window is fine now.
  • Replied in Capture One
    My bad. .I meant to say that I'm trying to open the .nef's into CS5 by either dragging the .nef files to the CS5 taskbar icon or to the CS5 application icon on the desktop. I can drag to the ...
  • Replied in Capture One
    Interesting, as I am evaluating iMATCH now. I can't open a Nikon .nef by dragging to the shortcut on the taskbar. Also, can't get the application window to resize away from full size, so I can ...
  • Replied in Capture One
    One thing that iMATCH doesn't appear to be able to do is to open multiple .dng files into a single ACR window as a film strip. Unless I'm missing something, of course.
  • Darryl, What is the "missing one small piece of functionality" refer to?
  • Mario, I definitely need to check out iMatch.
  • Will iMatch group different file formats like tiff, psd, jpg and dng into a stack like in Adobe Bridge?
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