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jglaser757: im still not on board..I sold my z7 fora d850,, why??

z7 + adapter is almost equal in weight to d850.. ALmost..
two card slots
My wired shutter would slip out
24-70 z mount had too much chromatic aberration
EVF kept shutting off, I know it was to conserve battery
battery only lasted 300 plus shots..
z7 grip was not that great
z7 too big compared to Fuji xt 20
did I mention no lenses yet for me..
converted z7 not good for IR

"z7 too big compared to Fuji xt 20"

That is indeed an interesting reason for exchanging a Z7 for a D850.
Food for thought there.

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duartix: Will it do 60fps in RAW capture?
If it does, it's got some nearly unique point. You can just open the shutter, capture (and stack) as much of those pictures as you want, and it's like you can decide shutter speed AFTER you took the photo!!!

I assume so - all the other N1 cameras do. The advance in this camera is the maximum speed at which each frame will be individually focused. For the V1, that was 10fps, for the V2 15fps. Now the V3 will do 20fps

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Northgrove: No physical control for exposure compensation is crazy bad. :(

It would be if it didn't have one - the control for exposure compensation - with the +/- symbol - is clearly visible on the right side of the rear control wheel, where it is on all N1 cameras

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Bupo: Had my X100 for a couple of years now but have never got round to the first couple of updates. Do I need the earlier ones installed before this latest one or will it work OK on its own?

No, there is no need to install the intermediate updates. Any Fuji FW update completely replaces the FW that was on the camera. The corollary is that any Fuji FW update is a factory reset, returning the camera to default settings (ie, default for the new FW). Any customised settings you have made you will have to do over again (eg, most people turn off the fake shutter sounds the camera makes as soon as they get it, but you will find that the update turns them back on)

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Monty71: I find it funny that the same people that bash this camera's small sensor and own m43 cameras usually insist that m43 are just as good as cameras with larger sensors.

FF sensor is 36mm across, actual APS C is 24mm (but so-called APS-C digitial cameras are always a little less, typically about 23.6mm, unless they are Canons, in which case they will be smaller), m4/3s is 17.3mm, 1" is 13.2mm.

So if 13.2mm is MUCH MUCH smaller than 17.3mm, how many MUCHs do you need to describe how much smaller m4/3s is than FF? Or can you just increase the size of the font on each of your 2 MUCHs?

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kadardr: Anybody read the specifications?
1. Slow motion action moment capture: you select image after getting 1.33 sec of action and viewed 3 times slower
2. Best moment capture: camera takes 20 shots and selects best 5
3. Advanced movie mode: you can take stills while taking hd video footage.

And I still cannot get what live image control mode is.

Just think over. This is not what you think to be. I hated V1 and thought it was phony and useless, but V2 is some serious innovation imho.

Only the first of those (selecting a shot from 1.33 sec of video) is new. The other two you can get on the V1 (or J1).

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peevee1: The new 10-100 is without image stabilization! Are they planning to add IBIS in the future bodies or what? How useful this 270 mm equivalent at f/5.6 at best without any IS, and with inferior Aptina 1" high ISO?

How useful is their 300mm f4 without VR?

In the 1 system they already had a 10-100mm with VR (and power zoom) and a 30-110 with VR amongst their initial 4 lenses. I was wondering why they were introdicing another 10-100mm lens, but now it is clear - it is for anyone who wants to reduce weight and cost to an absolute minimum while maximising IQ (for a 10X zoom) and lens durability and is prepared to sacrifice VR to do it

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