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Nikonworks: I got it, finally:

Preview a camera until it becomes long in the tooth, monitor buyer's feedback, then release the final review written as not to upset any one portion of the market, vendor or buyer.

This premise is not how DPReview became DPReview.

But I guess things change for better or worse.

A real shame.

I stopped all of my printed publication photography subscriptions because all of the reviews became nothing more than a glorified manufacturer's spec sheet.

DPReview, Let's get back to business, please.

Hey Barney,

I made an account specifically to contribute to this thread because I love the information at DP Review, and I think that Nikorworks (blatant) thoughts are indicative of how the site has recently been running.

Providing test data is undeniably important, but this isn't DP Test Data, it's DP Review. As an avid reader I have always valued the test data that you supply; accessing a free methodological approach to new cameras has never been as important as it is today, where your camera (more than ever) determines your final print. This being said, how your staff interprets this data is the differentiating factor between this site and other photographic organizations.

I don't think anyone is insinuating that you do not work hard. However, maybe we don't come here specifically for the raw information. How you inform us on your review; the content included in the conclusion and final score is what continually brings me back. A preview on the NEX6 so late simply isn't the same.

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