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  • I wish other camera manufacturers would do this. Why would to advertise how fast your USB-C port if it is only used for charging.

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    Even if the full 15FPS isnt a 100% hit rate it still is better then my current setup. Just want to make a good choice
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    Yes, of course, a cell phone from 3 years ago would still have better autofocus performance than a Panasonic. Just want to make sure I am putting my money in a good reliable system.
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    As someone who is looking at this camera to purchase, I am very interested in the autofocus performance of the X-H2 when compared to the X-H2S as well as other mid-range cameras like the Canon EOS ...
  • Hello Arrow, Just wanted to reply to this thread because I got some new shots that demonstrate the same issue in the photo seen above. I was on AFS with 49 Points AF Selected. This one was a ...
  • Thank you for the sincere comment John. Like you said, a lot of it comes down to circumstance and if I can get any money off. -D
  • I don't currently know what the other lens is but if I find out I will post it here. Maybe the R7 is a better option for me because its less $$$. Honestly depends on how much money I can put ...
  • I was just happy that the shots I got weren't a crappy grainy mess. The shots, noise-wise looked a lot better than my FZ300.
  • Ethier way I cut it, I will be screwed. On eBay, I can find R5 bodies going for about $2700-$3000 that still doesn't include glass. Like I said my father has two EF Lenses. I did use his Rebel T6 ...
  • Obviously, RF Glass would be preferred on this body, but would the EF variant of the same lense be acceptable as well? I don't know how to edit my comment otherwise I would add to it.
  • obviously that 70-200 f2.8  would be on the top of the list. I am thinking of a 35mm prime or 50mm prime lense to boot. Just major major $$$ ethier way i go.
  • It is a blessing that I do have sideline access 90% of the time
  • The R7 is still entirely an option it honestly depends on how much money I can save and put together over the coming months. The reason I am looking at Canon is that my father already has a Canon ...
  • Haha, Just to be clear I wasn't bashing you at all, As someone who can only afford one camera and will be making a commitment with whatever I choose, I want to choose right lol. Kick as much sand ...
  • Thank you very much for the clarification. I am leaning towards the R5, I did find out that the Sony A7R IV exists, but there are things that thing does that makes me lean back towards the Canon. ...
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    Can someone please explain to me what the hell the difference is between the R5 and R7s AF systems when it comes to sports? I am having a slight disconnect there.
  • Wow, very very insightful. Thank you for the great reply. Based on your description I would probably go with the R5.  I shoot at night a lot of times and for the winter season, nearly 100% of what ...
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    Oh boy here we go…😂 Anyway, fellow photographers I am looking for a camera to supplement and eventually replace my Panasonic LUMIX FZ300.  Being someone who doesn’t have the luxury of being able ...
  • I actually messaged that guy, he said he is out 226K right now. Going for that record.
  • Do you have a name for this new mobile phone zoom-in device? I would like to check it out!
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