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Dan DeLion: I had a Surface for two days. Everything went fine till I installed Nikon Viewnx 2 from Nikons USA site. Immediately the Surface lost contact with both front and back cameras. I also found working with the detachable keyboard was clumsy while sitting in a chair. My impression is that if you want to use it for on-the-go editing, you’d be better off with a laptop.

Perhaps the Nikon software has a conflict with camera drivers, or the particular software your were using to access the cameras. But this scenario could just as easily happen with any given laptop. After all, isn't the Surface simply a laptop style PC in a different form factor? Instead of the keyboard and chassis being integrated with the display on a hinge, the display and chassis are now integrated with the keyboard on a hinge.

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On article Adobe announces final Camera Raw update for CS6 owners (467 comments in total)
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joyclick: Why let Adobe enslave you,tether you,make you do everything at their bidding without you having any say/choice in the matter?
Boycott adobe,support other companies so that adobe is sent to oblivion.

And how, exactly, does Adobe enslave its users? By not providing support for legacy software versions in perpetuity? You can stop being a Lightroom user any time you want. Your files are all still there. Your objection to using Adobe products doesn't even make any sense.

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mpgxsvcd: I normally would pile on Canon but that isn't appropriate in this situation. This is truly an unfortunate thing that they let happen. This is the type of thing that can really delay sales. It won't kill them(Right now) or anything like that.

However, it is just another thing that they will have to try to overcome. Honestly, I hope it doesn't hurt their sales too much. I think competition is good. I don't want to see Canon fail. I just simply want to see them succeed because they make a superior product to their competitors. I am not convinced that they are doing that right now.

Continuing on your train of thought...

This particular issue on its own is by no means exclusive to Canon. Obviously. I suppose it's all in how you look at it, but when I look at their closest competitor, it seems that Nikon/Sony are trying to further blur the lines between prosumer/professional equipment and make the best possible technology affordable for the widest range of users and budgets. Whereas Canon seem to be pushing their technology silos further apart, attempting to make a camera for the studio, then another for the street, then another for video, and yet another for the sports shooter, hoping that you'll buy each model. All the while never seeming to catch up to their rival. Consistently.

Canon, where is my mirrorless system that will also let me mount my EOS system lenses and flashes easily. Do you still think/hope CSC's are a fad that will eventually pass?

I have been with Canon since my first EOS 3 and I have never been more disappointed in them as I am now.

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cinemascope: Triple pixel technology?


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Paddy Ryan: That's just dandy - but I can't get my GoPro Hero4 Black to record for more than 10 seconds in any mode without freezing - this will be no use to me whatsoever (and yes this happens in still mode or even if I reduce the video to 720p) looks like this is going back to GoPro and I'm getting the Sony ...

I am having the same issue on my Hero 4 Silver. It doesn't happen every time, which actually makes it somewhat worse. You think the camera is working fine, test it a few times, all is good. Then you mount it, start rolling, and 30 seconds later you look down and see it's either locked up or just shut down all together. I have tried different cards, 1 of them is the Lexar 633x card. Same issue. I have tried reapplying the same firmware, the latest firmware, which is what the camera shipped with, same issue.

I have been on the phone with GoPro about this multiple times. They are getting me to send the camera back and replacing it with a new one. However, based on the frequency in which I see people posting about this freezing issue, I have a feeling the replacement will have the same problems.

This is my first GoPro, and so far it's been a very miserable experience.

Edit: Woops, forgot to say, Hero 4 Silver.

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photolando: I'm sad to read this. I love my 58 AF. It's "auto" setting is more accurate than any ETTL on my Canon 600EXRT! And even it's own ETTL. I mean it's like 95% dead on!! Pretty sad when an old school "auto" flash setting beats some new fangled ETTL system that is rarely accurate. If ever.

It's a shame more people don't give them a try. Canon's flashes have never been anything great. Nikon can't seem to make anything right the first time out. They just get it out there then create a x10 version.

In my limited experience, E-TTL II is bang on 99.9% of the time for direct, on camera lighting. If you stray from that setup even a little bit, which, let's face it, is the whole point of owning a remote triggered flash system, everything seems to go to pot. You're much better off going manual and simply keeping an eye out for changing lighting conditions.

Very sad to see Metz circling the bowl.

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Nacho M Castejn: No matter how loud they shout copyright infringement, photographers at graduations and similar events are just ripping off people.
If the university don't want hundreds of people taking photos, OK, pay a professional a reasonable fee for the days work, and release the photos freely. If you want to abuse a monopoly and charge me for a photo you devoted exactly 3 seconds to as if it were the work of Ansel Adams, you're not getting my sympathy.

I think it makes a great disservice to the real-photographers community to treat these people as artists. If they have any business is just because grads have no other option.

I hear that argument a lot too. And, it's valid, to a point. The only reason the photog was able to produce the photo at all is because they were given special access to the venue by the school, while at the same time preventing others from shooting in that same spot. I understand the reasoning behind this, but it doesn't mean the photo is anything special, or that it was only possible because the photog had years of experience and a unique artistic gift. These kinds of photos are 'hobbyist with a couple strobes' quality, but they are trying to charge Peter Hurley prices (maybe not quite, but I am just trying to make a point).

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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)
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(unknown member): The howls of protest from those below who are never going to buy this camera anyway suggests that Leica have got the T spot on target.

This statement seems just as dogmatic. Can you be specific? Exactly what is it about this camera that makes it "spot on" when compared to the competition? There are naysayers for every camera that get's released, so that alone can't be used as proof that it's objectively a well designed product.

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thejef: I thought Nano Capacitors would have already replaced the battery. In a perfect world a nano capacitor would charge instantly, have no memory effects, are the same physical size as conventional batteries and last forever. They were developed by MIT but have yet to see the light of day for consumers.

I'm only half laughing. I know battery technology has progressed over the last 20 years, but it seems to be so millimetric. Look at things like CPU speed, storage costs/speed/size, etc. Everything else has moved by leaps and bounds. C'mon Tesla R&D, give us Li cells that last a week at least...

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On photo 1985 Ferrari F1 in the Race Cars in Black & White or Sepia challenge (2 comments in total)

This should have been first place. I think it's superior in every aspect.

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On photo It's a Dog's World in the City of Manila – Philippines challenge (7 comments in total)
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inframan: Not sure anyone is starving. Not sure this is anything but another exploitative "street" shot.

I had the exact same impression. It all seems rather self serving.

EDIT: Also, the photo seems to be heavily posterized. This could simply be a result of high JPEG compression, but quite often it's a sign of extreme manipulation. Either way, I think it's just a bad picture.

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On photo Avery in the Children's Face challenge (8 comments in total)

I know this has already been said, but...

GREAT photo! But the WB/tint are not very pleasing. I know there are lots of presets out there that try to give a faux film look, so this may be intentional, and it may not. Either way, better white balance, sharpening, and contrast is what this picture deserves. The eyes and eye lashes seem tack sharp to me, which is always a challenge on any lens when shooting wide open. The composition is fantastic. It's just the PP that needs work.

I love this photo, and I wish I had taken it.

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On photo Ruidoso in the Ruidoso, New Mexico challenge (6 comments in total)

Tell me this is a joke. If not, these competitions have jumped the shark. I've seen some pretty bad first placers on this site, but this is just silly.

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On photo School Children in A Rickshaw in the School Children in their Uniform challenge (6 comments in total)

Incredible shot. The lighting is amazing, composition and subject focus are amazing, but the timing is what does it for me. A fraction of a second in either direction and at least one of the kids would have been doing something other than what they are doing here. They're all perfect. Which is what makes this image perfect.

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EvokeEmotion: Apple is like the rail-thin chick who can eat anything she wants and still look gorgeous and get hit on left and right.

Apple-haters are like those who chew on celery and still gain 10 pounds a week. They are totally annoyed that other phones are faster, have more features, cheaper, etc. but Apple still outsells them.

Who do they take out their anger on? The "stupid" iSheep that enable Apple, of course.

"Apple is still alive because of the fanboys with pride who will buy the product no matter how worthless the upgrade from the previous model is."

That's right, everyone who bought an iPhone 5 is a sucker. They all got duped. Luckily, you saw through the scam and didn't get taken. You bought a different phone, and now you can sit back and laud your own decision, and deride everyone else's. The iPhone is clearly, objectively, a worthless product. It's not up for debate. It's not even the #1 selling phone, that proves it right there. Well done, sir...well done.

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Joe Mayer: The iphone (note it's not called the icamera) is not of consequence to photographers. Photographers have cameras and not phones.

This sounds a tad snobby, not to mention completely detached from reality. For quite a while, the top three cameras on Flickr have all been iPhones with the Canon 5DII coming in a close 4th. So, all of those people are not photographers? Not even some of them? If so, according to who? You? Please enlighten me, what other cameras weren't real cameras used by real photographers? The SX-70? The Instamatic?


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