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KAllen: Its a turd and will need a lot of polishing to even look viable for Aperture users.
Unbelievable that Apple swopped the best for worst.

You can put a turd in a tuxedo but it still smells like sh*t

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pancromat: model* should pay attention to their manicure. disgusting! (*and photographer!)

Maybe this is a battle scar. This camera may have particularly stiff and fiddly buttons - enough to chip nail polish. Caveat emptor, the photo may be telling us something that the "hands on" review is not

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Would love to see a "no crop" option, although the square has it's retro charm via Rolleiflex, it is ultimately very limiting, there are some images I just can't post because they don't work, other apps such as "No Crop" can be a spammy pop up riddled hassle. In fact my virus protection on my Android phone had me delete it. Have the no crop option instagram now ! Not having it is a really spontaneity killer! I rather post that futz, fiddle and doubt.

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A200Eric: How is that BS? If Walmart didn't exist where would these people be working? They must have scars from the guns that are being held to their heads to be forced to work there.

Until the pseudo Marxists like yourself finally kill what was the greatest country in the world, we still have freedom of personal choice. I just really don't understand what is so attractive about an all powerful centralized government making all of the choices for you. Forcing mediocrity for all and punishing hard work and success. I want to live where anyone and everyone has the opportunity to be successful regardless of how they define it. That however is all but dead and it's not because of Walmart or the Koch brothers.

Not true Walmart as systematically rapped and gutted small town American to the point that almost all local businesses are gone and that there is a high level of unemployment. Walmart has effectively become the only employer in many towns coupled with the fact that Walmart wages are so low that employees are forced to rely on public assistance to subsidize their wages. Yes in effect Walmart creates a Socialist utopia-Socalism for Waltons with government subsidized labor for their employees who Walmart is unwilling to give a living wage

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harold1968: This is effectively "inventing" detail where you have some idea of the reasons why that detail was not recorded properly in the first place.

IMHO this is good for snaps but useless for serious photography as the original detail, and as much as possible, is what you need and indeed actually wanted to take the picture for

Saying that this could come out with some more advanced techniques for improving a photo during PP

This is why l was charmed by but ultimately skeptical of the Lytro Camera, perhaps l will be proven wrong but it seems as though you can't create information that isn't there, you may be able to alter information that is there a great deal but at the cost of diminishing returns.

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On article First Impressions Review: Using the Canon PowerShot G16 (353 comments in total)

When I bought my G9 it was the compact camera of choice., it could shoot raw, it had full manual controls and a magnesium aloy body. It was one of a few compacts a professional photographer considered. This was in 2007. For me this is where my interest in the G series ended, although still excellent cameras , compact iLCs with aps c sensors and interchangeable lenses and being able to use old Lieca , Contax and Angenieux lenses via adapter for the same price as G series camera ended my enchantment. I remember the outrage when the G7 didn't shoot raw. Given that the new bodies are plastic, the price is high and the sensors are small and they are made for professionals who are aware of all this, I wonder how they even sell at all. The blunders of the EOS M and now this ? Can't Cannon at least put an aps-c sensor to at least make it worth looking at ? Cannon has more than proven they make excellent ones. can't imagine buying this camera, I think others feel the same. 9 fps per second is nice but not enough of a rationale to get the camera. Is Cannon asleep? Is a stubborn moron in market research holding everyone hostage at Cannon ? Are they trying to lose a lot of money and reap the rewards of an obscure subsidy or stock option of some kind? I really can't account for any reasons Canon has for making an obsolanete camera and figure out why anyone would want to buy it? I remember when Canon made the best cameras on the market from the 1980's until now. Nikon and Sony are catching up and in some ways even surpassing Canon. Canon's response seems to be bending over backwards to fail. Hopefully Canon will wake up, otherwise the mid 2000's will be remembered as a once great maker a remembered fondly in spite of it's failures like a Voightlandänder and the German camera industry before they lost out to the Japanese in the early 70's

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Really curious but profoundly frustrated, I feel that manufacturers Samsung included although they are more adventurous than most really need to abandon the notion of a phone and make a fully fledged 7 inch device that covers as much as it possibly can. The notion of phone, tablet and computer is gradually eroding but being held back by incompetent and conservative ideas of what these devices do and who they are for. You can always count on the morons in market research to f.ck things up abysmally. I have and both love and am profoundly frustrated by my Galaxy Note 11, it does a lot but I can think of so many things that it could do so much more if it only had a 7inch screen and a flash drive of at least 64gb this is not rocket science it's more than feasible now. I hardly use the Note to make phone calls, using Skype on my computer 4 years ago! TO MAKE PHONE CALLS already has more than adequately prepared me for this paradigm ! When I look at my ilc's realizing that camera manufacturers finally made a digital camera worth using that they could have made 10 years ago is astonishing. When I look at a huge but ordinary consmer grade dslr with an lcd screen the size of a 35mm negative, it is grotesque, repulsive and quaint. What ever my feelings may be from day to day towards this camera, I thank God I never have to use it again. This is how I feel and I'm sure many consumers feel about woefully conservative and incapacitated technology that is antique even before it's purchased. Give me a fully functioning device! I don't care whether you call it a tablet a phone or a computer ! Just give me something that is smaller than a paperback that works! Half measures don't count. The Note 3 may be a nice intention but given the technology available right now it's far from satisfactory.

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Curious to know if this app does anything better than iOS functions for both camera and editing. One thing I have always despised about iOS and my iPads is the painfully complex and convoluted iTunes sync via iPhoto albums to get photos on and off my iPad . Camera roll and iCloud are not the answer. If this Flkr update can bypass this mess, it is reason enough

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l just picked up my ipad , one thing I've always despised and will always despise is the photo sync via iphoto . Would really love to see drag and drop arrive to the ipad. As it stands the Google Nexus screen coupled with the swift, painless, simplicity of getting photos on and off this tablet may be enough of a reason to get it, in spite storage , usb host (?) and other issues. Although my ipad 3 is a magnificent piece of hardware, it's painfully incapacitated by un necessarily slow, complex and convoluted software that at times feels as though it were vindictively designed by engineers who despise photographers

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Pedagydusz: For me, as a photographer, there are two very important questions:
1. Is it possible to use it to fully control a wi-fi enabled camera? I don't mean just to transfer photos, but to use the camera tethered, so to speak, via Wi-Fi, with full live view and command of parameters?
2. Can an external USB hard drive, or SSD, be used with this device? That is not possible with the iPad, for example. I wonder if the mini-USB port allows that

If you have a Samsung NX with wifi you can do this by downloading the Samsung app . I can do this using my Samsung NX 1000 with my iPad and my Galaxy note 2 phone. As far as I know Samsung is the only camera that provides full wifi tethered shooting. For other cameras I use an Eye Fi card

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I am genuinely curious to see how this lens functions both in terms of light gathering ability and shallow depth of field. l'm really not interested in bickering about candles and iso. From what l know this is one of if not the fastest lens ever made. l would love to see what it does Beyond Barry Lyndon . I can imagine incredibly shallow depth of field (just how shallow?) as well as being able to use very fast shutter speeds with low iso.'s

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On article What the new Nexus 7 tablet means for photographers (95 comments in total)

The only thing that really stands out for me is the screen. knowing what it's really like would be great. Let's hope ppi doesn't become another variation of the megapixel myth. That said, aside from being woefully incapacitated in terms of external storage, tablets can be very useful as external monitors, and viewing editing and emailing photos. Tablets may give photographers wings but steal the sky with slow wireless uploads and tiny storage.

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Just curious if any of the enhanced capabilities of the NX2000 to the NX1000 via firmware update. The NX2000 has some features that look interesting such as NFC but not enough to buy. Both cameras NX2000, NX1000 appear to have the same sensor and would seem to yield identical image quality. This is frustrating as I bought the NX1000 in December and the NX2000 has enough features to create mild remorse and irritation but ultimately not compelling enough to buy. It would be great if Samsung at least gave a nod to customer loyalty to provide some features with a firmware update to the previous incarnations of the NX2000, even if there is an NX2100 that is to be released a month from now that no one except Samsung knows about.

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