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Mildly confused , where do you get this developed, how do you get this developed? C-41? Pre exposed film sounds like a conundrum and seems as though it would defy standard developing techniques.

I remember when cross processing was in vogue giving a similar effect of faded color and odd saturation but labs would rant and rave at costumers who wanted it because it would spoil the chemistry of the labs machines .

I’m glad that film is making a comeback in all it’s various forms, however labs that develop it are getting scarce. I usually shoot b&w that I can develop myself , however the chemistry once common is also harder to find.

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What is the source of this mysterious film stock? Agfa?

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2001: Why?! Who makes the senor ? $8,000 out of reach for most hipsters but not for those who are rich , ostentatious and affected, for those who want to pretend they're photographers and take themselves and their Photography very very seriously!

Yes they walk around with 60's,70's SLRS around their necks,yet I've never seen one take a photo, so who knows whether the cameras have film in them or not.Somewhat similar to the new Leica, an affectation at best.

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Why?! Who makes the senor ? $8,000 out of reach for most hipsters but not for those who are rich , ostentatious and affected, for those who want to pretend they're photographers and take themselves and their Photography very very seriously!

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Does Sony make the sensor?

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photoaddict: It seems like photoshopping is faster and easier on iPad Pro than on a computer with Apple Pencil. It just works. And the image - wow, you can zoom in and out smoothly and fluidly... and cloning out objects remove them instantly.


And I really like the note taking app!

Yes but no tiff or raw support even in Creative Cloud/ Photoshop,jpeg only so far. Hoped this would change but it hasn't Big iPad but not "pro" yet.

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Can anyone help me , looking for a way to edit Tifff files Apple Support said that the IPad Pro can only handle tiffs through a third party app. I've tried using all the Adobe apps which seem to be for jpeg only. Its's frustrating as this is a psd document. Reluctant to sign up for Creative Cloud until I know I can handle tiffs on the iPad Pro. I was so looking forward to editing with the Apple Pencil

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Although I sympathize with the petition, I will not sign it as it does not allow me to keep my anonymity. I am unwilling to give my street address ect . I'm sure many others feel the same way and have not signed for the same reason.

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km25: This is Leica's first camera of this type. The zoom is not going to as sharp as the primes and remember if you are a Leica owner, say M, your lens will be less then $400.00, just use your M lens. In real world use all of these camera are in the same ballpark. Give Leica chance for firmware up grades, the RAWS of all are very close.I remember the Fuji cameras when they first came out, all the up grades to get them to where they are today. Why I put up with all the hardships was that the Fuji was made so well and gave me the operation lay out I like. Firmware up grades saved the day. They Nikon D750 is fine camera, it is a DSLR. The only good point about the Sonys are their sensors. The cameras are second rate. Shutter bounce, overheating and poor PASM, Playstation operation design. Only the sensor saves the camera. Leica may do well. Bet ya it is made in Germany.

Who makes the sensor? Sony? At any rate I'm guessing it's last year's Sony 24 MP Full Frame Senor.At least the new Leica has decent industrial design. It's not as comically ugly as the wooden Hasselblad. From what I'm aware of ,the only rather minor innovation Leica has done is the monochrome. It would be interesting if this came out in a monochrome version as well, hyper niche though it may be

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Mordi: Isn't it interesting how anything that smacks of a positive Apple review brings out the trolls? Why are they so threatened by each new Apple product? Just because the world loves them and buys them, paying prices that sustain new product creation?

Not everyone requires full Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom on the road - for many of us, we simply want to check our daily files, and send home some fixed images. For that, Photogene and Instaflash Pro do amazingly well.

I began carrying an 32GB iPad 1 with Photogene in 2010, and have traveled worldwide with my 64GB iPad 3. I have more than 1000 raw and high-res jpegs on it. I wait till I get home to edit on my MacBook Pro and 22 inch Dell U2410 monitor to do serious editing.

Today, the vast majority of images are for web use. Pixel peepers and Apple haters may want more, but for those who just want seamless/simple multi-platform systems, the big iPad will be a big hit.

You're point is well taken and by your standards I should just use my phone.

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No the camera connection kit is no usb host. I imagine I would be able to retouch one large file and store handful that's it. Hardly a workflow. Apple has bent over backwards to incapacitate the iPad for fear of canabalizing their laptop sales have succeed admirably. Maybe if the Air goes this might get some minor hardware and meagre storage upgrades. Nice looking screen though.

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To me the issue is the death of the DSLR which I always saw as an awkward bridge camera that made it easier for some users to transition from film to digital. I think of the mirror and the pentaprism as both unessecarily big and mechanically complex .They cause both headaches for designers ,the various and convoluted solutions for live view àmong them.For users an àmple source of frustration for both mechanical failures and keeping the mirror box and sensor clean and dust free. For myself I almost became terrified of changing lenses ,which defeats one of the màjor advantages of owning a DSLR. Once I got my first ILC there was no turning back. Now that Sony is making a full fràme ILC ,it seems the days of the DSLR are numbered .That many professional photographers are using high resolution video cameras and pulling stills, it seems that the DSLR is stuck in the middle and being squeezed out by the enthusiast and professional user.So much for Canons dominance! They'd better act fast!

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I have Google Photos and I keep getting warning messages when I log in that I've reached my storage limit of 15 GB, I'm then directed to my other Google products , Google Drive and Google Photos in order to free up space. I think unlimited storage is a myth. I've delete a great deal every couple of weeks, so I can continue to receive email. This idea of unlimited space seems to be a myth. I only have 15 GB for all my Google Products, which is why I use Microsoft Onedrive to backup all my photos across all my mobile devices. I have never had any storage issues unlike Google.

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Can't wait , another worthless paperweight from Cannon. Just bought Cannon Seiphy CP 910 , not compatible with Mac Yosemite Doesn't,connect with home wifi. I can however tether it to my cell phone and print there. It does function with pictabridge (remeber that antique tecnology. ) Oh and I forgot SD cards, though probably class 1 with images maxing out at 1.2 jpegs,

Cannon Get off your asses and do something. These printers produce amazing images when you don't incapacitate them with your incompetence . NO DRIVERS FOR MAC!? REALL!!! Get off you lazy ass and get to work ! How can you expect people to buy the next model when the last one isn't even working!

ps I forgot I was describing my frustration with the CP910 , i guess wifi was so abysmal Canon had to abandon it for the Latest Model the CP1000

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