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HosseinG: The exact same methodology and post processing could be done with 1DX, and then results should be compared.
In this scenario, add some moving car and you will never get the smooth red and yellow lines like DSLRs, you will get some broken line.
These techniques are developed based on some assumptions and work only if you use them in that situation, they will fail in general use.

I agree with you, and would like to complement that with the following information:
This new lens technology being developed at harvard will impact the camera and photographic world in the future.

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I have a curiosity, what information is available about the health of Sony balance sheet? Sony has made big mistakes, each one impacted their balance sheet negatively, their loss of the TV market, their losses in the cell phone were not small (remember Sony Ericsson a joint venture gone sour).... Some months ago the news was that Sony strategy would be to be a provider of sensors to the industry in general. Were they successful in following this? (or Samsung is taking Sony marketshare in sensors for the cell phone market?) My view is that Sony is a company trying to find a new market, a new strategy after having lost many good market positions to Samsung and LG, and other competitors. The camera market is not big enough to bring financial health and stability to Sony.

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Peiasdf: I am not worried. Nikon will make a very good 3rd party OEM for E-mount. It has better flash lineup than Sigma as well.

Sony has lost money in key areas, like TVs, cellphones and other products, I hope they improve financially.

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Unfortunately the evolution of technology is changing the market for good. One major change is the celular with its cameras taking the market from point and shoot cameras, the other one will come from advances still on the lab, but coming in 5 years, like the new type of lens being developed at Harvard. Lenses will change too, so lets be prepared to receive another technology disruption on our way. Companies and consumers will have to adapt to this new environment. I still plan to buy the 105mm f1.4 in the near future... and an EOS M5 too...Lets keep taking pictures, that is the fun part!!!

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vesa1tahti: I need a telephoto lens e.g. for bird photography. But can't make a decision: an APS (D7200) or a MFT (E-M10 II) lens. There are e.g. a couple of 150-600 mm APS-C lenses (Sigma, Tamron, etc.). For MFT, there is an excellent 300mm/4 prime lens. Zoom or not? Difficult.

Nikon with a Sigma 150-600mm lens will make your day. The cheaper version is also lighter and can be handheld. There is a review of this lens on YouTube that is very helpfull. The 4x zoom is very flexible on the field. Nikon focuses fast and sharp.
My opinion is based on my experience with this lens, I don't have an Olympus camera or lens, so I have nothing against it.

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Lee Jay: The math doesn't work.

“If they were to replace the batteries with these supercapacitors, you could charge your mobile phone in a few seconds and you wouldn’t need to charge it again for over a week,”

My cell phone battery holds 11Wh and lasts a day. I'd need 77Wh to last a week.

To charge a 77Wh capacity in "a few seconds" (I'll give them 5 seconds) would take 55.4kW of power, or 120V at 462 amps with 100% charge efficiency.

My main panel is 200A at 240V or 48kW so even all the power that can pass through my main breaker couldn't accomplish that charge rate.

Lee Jay you made a good point, let's say reality strikes back! Any way I think this type of research is in the right direction to a cleaner world.

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I hope that this new technology use abundant materials, so that it can be applied to fulfil the needs of all. Looks like it could be the way out of fossil fuels and resulting in a cleaner world. Great news!!!

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aussiejohns49: From what I have read so far, I can't get a new 13 inch MBP with i7 Quad processor to do Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere work on the road as fast as a PC competitor. With the new MBP I have to take up to 9 dongles to deal with real-world HDMI Data projectors, VGA Data projectors, USB Remote handset Kensington receivers, USB sticks, SD Cards, External monitors, Ethernet, USB Hard Drives, and a Lightning - USB C cord to charge my iPhone, and of course the power cord. Right now I have 3: Ethernet, VGA Adaptor and External monitor, plus Magsafe and integrated cord. All the rest is built-in. So for those 6 extra optional accessories (except they are mandatory during the next 3 year transition) I estimate (and am happy to be proved wrong by someone) that the cubic volume of the power cord and 3 cables of my existing 13 inch 2012 Retina MPB needs ~190cc's of space and 130g in weight, and the new one will take a whopping 650cc and ~260g in mass. Go figure? What were they thinking?

They were not thinking.

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The SD card is a common denominator today for many high end cameras, like Nikons and Canons. The problem is the next generation of cards has not the support of both Canon and Nikon, so what will be the next card? A card is necessary, because of several uses: back up, expanding easily the capacity of a camera, availability everywhere (the SD is popular in almost any market), transfer speed. It is like Apple did not analyse the trend adequately, it may not be a good idea to think that the SD Card is in the end of it's product life cycle. (1TB Card is on the way).

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Old Baldy: I see the only way that Apple gets out of this poor design decision, is to make a small, single, docking station that contains the missing ports. And sells it at cost.
In the mean time, I'm learning about WIn 10 Pro from youtube, to see how much better and more intuitive it is than the debacle of Win 8. Dell XPS 13" is likely my future.

You are right, it should design a dock station or ask Xiaomi to design one sleek solution to a bad design decision. I think Xiaomi will be up to the task!!! Getting a high quality and may be innovative add on to help Apple designers, who did not think very well what their users need.

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The Bozos are running Apple! Steve Jobs is having a nightmare!!

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It is very simple, Apple is normal, it makes mistakes. If you want to find real innovations let's look elsewhere. It is time to find a new hero.

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It is difficult to innovate, so sometimes a designer does something just to innovate.
The technology is not there yet, to remove the SD Card from the computer. The idea to plug an USB Card reader is very innovative, looks like one of Apple "Great Design Ideas"!!!

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I have a Sony A6300. I took several pictures with it with a Sony 18-200mm, this last weekend. I did not like the pictures I have taken. A few months ago, I took a Canon M3 to the same place. I used a 55mm to 200mm Canon Lens. The Canon focused faster, better and produced better pictures.
Two weeks ago I went to a local Club, the temperature was 25degrees Celsius, and I took some 200 pictures in one hour with my Sony A6300, then I got a message, that the camera was too hot, and it stopped taking pictures. The Canon M3 never produced a similar message, although I took pictures at 33 degrees Celsius on the beach here in Brazil.
I am disappointed because I bought the Sony A6300 due to the reviews and comments I have read here at DPReview. I should have waited for this new Canon M5.

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On article The Canon that can: Canon EOS 80D Review (719 comments in total)
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Sassan2012: It is so interesting to me how Canon insiders in disguise are working hard in here to somehow keep the inferior product up, against the competition. Wouldn't it be better if Canon engineers actually could make an effort to shake their lower end instead?
Thanks Sony for what you have done and more power to you.

Sassan2012, I have a Sony a6300 and a Canon 80D. In my experience with both I wouldn't choose the Sony as superior to the Canon. There are several situations in which the Canon is better like focusing in low light, the skin colors in the Canon pictures are more natural (better than Nikon too), when the picture is taken with areas with a significant range of light intensity the Canon has more latitude (I am not using HDR).
I like the high speed of the Sony, the size of the camera which is a lot lighter and smaller.
In my opinion DPR does not treat Canon, like they care for Sony and Nikon. What are their motives, I don't know, but it is my opinion. Maybe they think Canon is much bigger than Nikon as a corporation, and they like the David's of this world.
Sony clearly has a problem with their strategy, they maybe trying to do too many things at the same time. They may have to withdraw from camera making, because they don't have the scale that is necessary to compete in the long term.

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On article Have your say: Best Lens of 2015 (56 comments in total)

My vote is for the Sigma 20mm f1.4. I know it is not listed but that is the one. Fantastic product for a very good price.

Link | Posted on Dec 20, 2015 at 12:13 UTC as 9th comment

It looks like Canon decided to demonstrate their technology superiority. I just wonder if the market will pay for the additional cost of this new level of resolution.
It will depend on the real benefits that the technology will bring.

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On article Canon PowerShot G3 X gets official introduction (227 comments in total)

I am no expert like most of you. My comments are very simple, I would like to buy one as soon as it is possible/available. My experience with Canon super zooms have been very good, specially while travelling. What impresses me is the quality of the pictures I capture with them. I also have a Sony RX and I always felt it as more cumbersome to use then the Canons.

Link | Posted on Jun 18, 2015 at 07:26 UTC as 53rd comment

Deception, disappointed. For me Photos is a product designed by someone that would have been fired by Steve Jobs.
I will be looking for another product to organize my pictures.

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Unfortunately the market is concentrating and one option is going to disappear from the market. Sony has been doing lots of mistakes after it missed the LED technology in TVs. In the camera business it overstretched the number of camera models. Probably this decision was supported by the some major consulting company.
The fact is that Samsung may destroy the consumer electronics business in general. Today it has achieved such a huge economy of scale that dwarfs any competitor.
Canon in no way is a competitor for Samsung. Samsung dominates too many technologies today. If we take a look how it is starting to move in the camera business, unless there is an anti-trust action there will only one. I don't like a market with a small number of choices...

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