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On article Ricoh reshuffle sees Pentax take control of cameras (146 comments in total)
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iaredatsun: On the surface this sounds like the worst move possible and potentially the end of Ricoh.

Like other commenters I have no confidence in Pentax's ability to design good cameras. They certainly could have never built such unique, well-designed and well-built cameras as the GRD and GXR. I think a lot of Ricoh users will be very nervous about this.

I could only hope that the designers who come up with the GRD and GXR are allowed to keep working as a reasonably autonomous unit.

Isn't it ironic that Ricoh buy Pentax and now Pentax are taking over management of the Ricoh camera division?

Clearly the only Pentax you have ever seen is the K-01. Sorry, you are the weakest link. Goodbye!

And Ricoh and Pentax have a LOT in common with regards to user interface and controls. But as someone just passing by you may have missed that.

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Zebooka: Thank god I'm not with Pentax anymore.
It seems like a deadly convulsions.

Likewise we're glad you're not among us anymore :)

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audijam: are they gonna compete with Canon/Nikon with these lenses?

Show me a 500-600mm by Nikon or Canon which will be smaller than the Pentax 560mm f/5.6?

F/5.6 is more than adequate with today's sensors.

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On article Pentax announces K-01 K-mount APS-C mirrorless camera (866 comments in total)
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simon65: "The new PENTAX K-01 is another bold effort from the manufacturer that is known for pushing camera size, color, durability, and now, design, to the limit"

You have got to be kidding me Pentax! It's enormous, and weighs more than many DSLRs! What is the point?

Canon EOS 1100D 495 g
Nikon D3100 505 g
Canon 550D 530 g
Nikon D5100 560 g
Pentax K-01 561 g

Here's the new strap line for it:

"The K-01. All the size and weight of a DSLR without the benefit of a proper viewfinder"

You forgot the tagline: "Slightly heavier than the competition, but MUCH better built than the plastic competition".

Come on, 60G is penuts!

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On article Just Posted: Pentax Q samples gallery (135 comments in total)

For all people complaining the Q is an overpriced toy: please hold one first before jumping to such conclusions. I own one and its build quality is simply the best I have ever encountered in this small size. It's not plastic but magnesium-alloy!

IMHO the Q already reached APS-C DSLR quality of around 2007 (and in some ways it outperforms them).

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On article Just Posted: Pentax Q samples gallery (135 comments in total)
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Fujifilm Finepix F30: After all the criticism about the Pentax Q's small sensor, I am actually liking the camera's jpegs shown here.

I don't know if these samples were postprocessed or straight out of camera jpegs. If they are straight out of camera, then these are the best straight out of camera jpegs I've seen. Not even my Canon 550d dSLR can duplicate it without using a custom picture style/curve.

There is something distinctly 'unique' about these samples. They look like they are expertly tonemapped images processed using an HDR software such that the highlights overexposure is very gradual and well handled, retaining as much highlight detail as possible and where shadow detail is also well handled, very gradual, and retaining as much shadow detail as possible and where midtone detail is enhanced, much like it has been processed with a detail enhancing software.

Sure the jpegs are soft but they have that subtle (not overcooked) HDR effect which I like a lot. Worth taking a further look.

Indeed; I think it also has much to do with the metering of the Q, which is done directly on the sensor itself, which will always be better than metering in a prism housing (which can easily be fooled), as it can use the whole sensor for the metering, not just a few areas.

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