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On article DJI AeroScope demo shows drone tracking tech in action (32 comments in total)

How exactly does my email get transmitted to the AeroScope? Does using a DJI drone just mean that my email address is transmitted over the air? Sounds like a new attack vector to collect email addresses that are confirmed and of people rich enough to own a drone.

Or does the drone just broadcast an ID and each AeroScope owner gets a regular feed of drone IDs and their corresponding email addresses? That sounds even worse for privacy. Does DJI just send a feed of all their users' personal email to anybody claiming to have a right to know it because they own a AeroScope or Is there legal oversight over all of this?

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On article VSCO releases Mobile Presets 02 pack for desktop users (11 comments in total)
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V Ahrlenz: Probably a dumb question, but how hard is it to create these looks by just using your software? In the future will being a "skilled software user" amount to just thoroughly knowing an impressively wide range of pre-sets? Not saying I'm for or against. I'm just sayin'!

Not a dumb question at all. The VSCO Film 1-5 packages are actually nothing but presets that change existing slider settings in Lightroom. You can even open the files in a text editor and see everything that it does. As an example, here's a small excerpt from the VSCO Film 01 package "Kodak Portra 160" preset settings file:

HueAdjustmentRed = 8,
HueAdjustmentYellow = 15,
LuminanceAdjustmentAqua = 10,
LuminanceAdjustmentBlue = 15,

So to answer your question: it is absolutely possible, you just need a lot of time!

Cheers! :-)

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On article Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art sample gallery updated (94 comments in total)

What happened there with image 15? On the pavement, close to the focus area, there are green and magenta areas. Doesn't look appealing to me...

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On article Leica announces M10 with new sensor, slimmer design (114 comments in total)
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Kivivuori: Hmph,

"(....) M10 measuring just as thin as a film-era M4"

Not even close (M4: 33,5mm)

And just that`s why M4 feels much different - and better - in hand than M6TTL-models or any digital-M so far.

The M10 has a top plate depth of 33.75 mm. Not sure what your definition of "not even close" is, but - a quarter of a millimeter is pretty close in my book.

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