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On challenge -Beautiful in White- (Portrait in Full Colours Only) (13 comments in total)

What does "Beautiful in White" mean? White clothing, background? White person only? Etc. There doesn't seem to be anything in your description that explains. (as of 11 Apr 2020) Thank you.

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On GalleryItem:4013102 (1 comment in total)

This looks like a composite photo. Is it?

Posted on Jan 30, 2020 at 17:17 UTC as 1st comment
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Prognathous: I'm still on v2 and need to see more compelling features to consider upgrading.

Also, DxO is missing one thing that could increase its user base significantly: Support smartphone cameras and ultrazoom compacts. The list of non-ILC cameras it supports is very small. Supporting Fuji cameras would also be welcome, though is probably more challenging because of the non-bayer sensors.

DXO does support RAW from quite a few Apple phones, and perhaps Samsung too.

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On article Live Q&A with DPReview editors about the Canon EOS RP (429 comments in total)
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Photogiro: 24 HR Time with AM and PM*****

Hey, we're not all as smart as you and need all the help we can get.

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newe: The markets and end users have spoken...they love the direction Adobe has taken and are obviously in love with the cloud/subscription method. The evidence is in, no denying it any more. I don't use CC, so don't shoot the messenger. The reality is that this business model is working for end users and investors. Some of us may all not like it, but we are a very, very tiny minority it seems.

The subscription method may not be good for the many fine photographers who don't use the product often enough to justify the subscription payment--understandable and a shame that it is not available without subscription. But for those of us who use it daily for hours at a time it is really a much better delivery method. It is always up to date and actually costs less than buying new versions every year or two.

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On article Pro Services: Are they worth it? (151 comments in total)
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Mike CH: You might want to mention that this is US information only. What exactly is available, and what it costs, and whether it costs, varies from country to country, at least for CPS.

From the Canon Pro Service Website:

What other countries have CPS programs?

Currently, there are local CPS programs in Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia, Korea, Brazil and Mexico. Please check with your local Canon Sales Company for membership availability in countries not listed here. Your CPS Membership benefits are not transferable to other countries.

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On article Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III sample gallery (78 comments in total)
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Plagen: It looks like a very soft lens or/and very strong AA filter. All images require cranking the sharpness up to 7-10 before they become half way decent.

When you open the RAW files in DPP4 (Canon's software program) and make sure that no sharpness has been applied, you will indeed see that the images are very much on the soft side. They do sharpen up nicely but do need the sharpening applied on the high end of the scale.

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On article Canon EOS M100 review (787 comments in total)
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Gesture: You do a great job Carey but this X'ed "to taste" language is pretentious and unnecessary.,

I agree that the phrase is overused. Not that it is wrong or inaccurate. It has just become a cliche here. "Processed to taste in Adobe Raw..." Better just to say "processed in Adobe Raw."

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On article Canon EOS M100 review (787 comments in total)

You captured some beautiful photos with this small camera--especially the ambiance of the beer drinker, a lovely photo even at/especially at 100% view.

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On article Photo story of the week: Dubai draped in fog (64 comments in total)
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widgetbox: Am I the only person who think it looks like CGI or at least "processed" in some/many ways. Certainly very pretty.

Most photos are "processed" in one way or the other. This one tastefully so.

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Doug Pardee: On page 3, I'd have made a bigger deal about YOU NEED A MEMORY CARD. Most interchangeable lens cameras straight out of the box will happily snap pictures with no card inserted, even though they have no built-in storage. It can be pretty discouraging to find out the hard way that your Christmas Day pictures weren't stored anywhere and are gone forever.

Indeed. This is what most people forget and what keeps them from being able to take pictures right away. This is a major point that should be made. Buy a memory card when you give a DSLR to someone that does not already own one.

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"North Asia is sometimes defined as a sub-region of Asia consisting only of the Asian portion of Russia, although this term is not widely used, and is more commonly used to categorize parts of East Asia, including the Asian part of Russia along with eastern Europe. The countries included in this region are: the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia, People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau SAR, Republic of Korea,and Taiwan."

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Thanks, Rishi, for the great article. I use DxO OpticsPro every day for my architectural work (another area of photography where Dynamic Range is very important). Their software, their measurement techniques and the data they produce is awesome, but they don't know how to write. They are clueless when it comes to explaining things. You are just the opposite--clear and concise. They should be paying you for this article, not because you endorse them, but because you can make sense of their data. They cannot. Thank you!

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On article Canon warns about dangers of counterfeit camera gear (154 comments in total)
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jefmcc: probably made in the same factory, same assembly line, by the same workers

Hardly. This seems to be an inferior counterfeit product crafted only to enrich the criminals who are selling it. For one thing, it seems that the wireless radio transmission doesn't work on these flashes.

That is one of the main features of the Canon flash and why it is so useful.

...from the press release . . . "It has also been confirmed that the radio transmission wireless shooting function incorporated into genuine Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT flashes is not incorporated into the counterfeit product. This missing feature will limit the performance of the counterfeit flash, as compared with a genuine Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT flash.

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Shangri La: Very intriguing product. But I see 2 major things:

- IOS only, no Android?
- SuperRAW mode only works with DXO RAW converters, but not other RAW converters?

Hope other manufacturers will follow suit and mature the concept. Price will go down too.

The article is a little ambiguous but seems to say that you can process single DNG shots in any program, but Super RAW only in DxOPro.

"More interesting, in our opinion, is the ONE's 'SuperRAW' feature. SuperRAW captures four Raw images in rapid succession, then combines these images in the desktop software using spatial and temporal noise reduction algorithms to generate a high quality, lower noise image."

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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review (1307 comments in total)
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richsfusa: I think you should make it a little clearer in your introduction to "take two" that we should look at page 12 of the 'lab report' to see what you have added to the review--ISO Invariance--a very useful tool. Otherwise it is difficult to understand why you have reposted this review.

My point exactly...point out what is new so it is easier to find the new material.

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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review (1307 comments in total)

I think you should make it a little clearer in your introduction to "take two" that we should look at page 12 of the 'lab report' to see what you have added to the review--ISO Invariance--a very useful tool. Otherwise it is difficult to understand why you have reposted this review.

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On article Sony Alpha 7 II real-world sample gallery posted (244 comments in total)
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Catalin Stavaru: I really really wanted to like this camera...but when I look at the sample pictures I see the same horrible color rendition that made me sell my Sony cameras. But in this particular gallery it's like the blandest set ever, color-wise. Not one picture makes me say "wow" and this is a full-frame camera. Something is really wrong with Sony, they are simply neglecting this area and then they wonder why people don't budge from Canon and Nikon.

@Einstein...give it a rest!

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On article Samsung NX mini Review (108 comments in total)
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Richard Murdey: It occurs to me that the root problem here is dpreview itself can't decide what it wants these cameras to be: full dSLR control in a pocket package? Just a really good point-and-shoot? Something else entirely? and as a consequence the reviews come off as inconsistent and just, well, off somehow.

First the Nikon 1 models, now the NX... you guys just don't seem to "get" these cameras at all.

dpreview seems quite clear. perhaps it is your interpretation that is "somewhat off."

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Real McKay: This is exactly why, I along with what I believe is the majority, prefer programs to be on our computers.
Can you imagine earning you living in photography & this happens - its just not acceptable. I am switching to something where I do not depend on the cloud. LR5 & PSE12 are available still outside the cloud so no great loss of functionality for 99% of what I need.
I also believe that this will hurt Adobe more than they think.

Actually, the program IS on your computer. It functions exactly the way previous Photoshop programs have worked. The only thing with the cloud is that once a month your subscription is renewed and you are charged your monthly fee. Now, if something is wrong and they can't charge you and they therefore deny you access to the program (that resides on your computer), then that indeed is a problem.

And...if you inadvertently signed out from your subscription and cannot sign back in, then that is a problem too!

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