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princecody: Between the Pixel 2 & iPhone 8 which would you buy for strictly photography? 🤔

I'm considering the HTC U11 myself. A very good camera that is rated higher than the iPhone and Edge Sense sounds useful for using the camera quick and with gloves/mitts on. HTC also makes the Pixel 2.

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lukecookphoto: Sounds stupid but as long as they give Lightroom "Classic" its much needed speed upgrades I don't mind.

That's just it. The classic version won't get those upgrades.

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On article Verizon officially acquires Yahoo including Flickr (55 comments in total)
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Bgfreeman: The parent company is Altaba, which owns Alibaba. I can see loads of images being spaffed about on Chinese markets with no permissions sought.

Closed and removed Flickr and yahoo accounts this week.

Nope, that's straight up xenophobic FUD. Altbaba holdings are not part of the deal. Factually incorrect, plus North American companies go plenty fine with copyright violations, Getty, 500px, Flickr, etc. Nothing to do with China.

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Please lay off the FUD and dogma y'all.

Have had Surface Pro 4 i5 8GB for the past 1.5 yrs. Is it the 2nd Coming in computer form? No. It's a nice light versatile machine, easily used as a tablet with pen input. Performance is as expected from a machine with such specs. Is the single USB 3.0 port a problem? Occasionally, resolved by a $30 dongle and a $10 card reader. Your needs may differ.

Dock is pricey but works well -- easily outputs to two monitors, connects to ethernet and a wireless keyboard through the single connection. Surface Connect port works fine with the charger and the dock.

If you don't like being shafted by the Microsoft monopoly then go Apple or Samsung, HP, etc., -- I don't think any one is better than the others.

There were definitely some stability issues at first, now sorted.

Price is comparable to Macbook Pro, which I considered, but I wanted touchscreen and tablet capabilities.

People should look carefully at their own needs and proceed accordingly.

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On article Pentax KP Review (665 comments in total)
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drummercam: "Let's take a closer look at what is right with the KP."

Thanks for that. In the past, Pentax reviews have seemed to contain at least one or two unnecessary snarks against the brand. This review is a clear change from that, and a balanced and fair review of the camera.

"Heavy for its size" -- I think that betokens efficient, dense-pack interior engineering. Pentax cameras always feel very robust in hand.

The replaceable grips derive (I think) from addressing grip gripes that go back to the K-01 and K-S1. It seems like typical Pentax thinking to come up with this solution. The design forecloses the AA-battery grip of the K-30 and K-50, but anyone with a K-30, K-50, K-500, K-S1, or K-S2 already has a spare D-LI109 battery for the KP.

Yes, those little jabs always seemed very passive aggressive and unnecessary, and then vigorously denied. This is a proper review.

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On article Pentax KP Review (665 comments in total)
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Marty4650: Pentax keeps proving, over and over again, that having outstanding cameras that are jam packed with features, and that deliver incredible image quality and value just isn't enough to make a serious dent in the shrinking DSLR market that is dominated by two 800 pound gorillas.

It just seems like an exercise in futility. What a pity.

@Marty4650, respectfully disagree. True, Canon and Nikon are dominant, but Nikon has serious profitability issues. Same with Panasonic's camera division. Your remark leaves out that Ricoh has done well to resurrect the Pentax brand and keep it true to its traditions (which you aptly describe), while also innovating and bringing to production high quality and unique products. It has not overreached and from what people have been able to infer, the camera division is in the black, and the recent upwards price adjustments, while unwelcome from our point of view, suggest they are positioned for the contracting camera market, that at least Panasonic and possibly others are not.

The KP seems like a great camera! Wish I could get one! The review of its low-light performance reminds of what was said about the K-5 when it debuted -- at the top of its class.

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sportyaccordy: If you have no friends, no social life, or no understanding of social media, you should probably refrain from commenting on this product.

Almost $300 for this is pretty steep, but it's a solid idea.

Sorry cosinaphile, we posted at same time, was replying to sportyaccory...

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sportyaccordy: If you have no friends, no social life, or no understanding of social media, you should probably refrain from commenting on this product.

Almost $300 for this is pretty steep, but it's a solid idea.

^^ whoa buddy, looks like it's too late already. All the heavy irony in this post is gonna break my screen.

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Melchiorum: I really hope this look is only for the dev-kit and not the final product. Because I don't think I have ever seen a more ugly and impractical design. Ever. Not only it looks horrendous, but all these ridges are going to be filled up with grime, gunk and skin grease in no time.

Also, since when is it a thing to sell dev-kits to common consumers? I can understand offering something like a prototype of a completely new technology that was kick-started through crowdfunding or something, so at least it gets some content for the final version. But when a "dev-kit" is being sold for a technology that has existed for quite some time now and is well understood, this just seems like Ricoh's wish to sell their product twice and also make consumers pay to become beta testers for their unfinished camera.

It's just weird all around.

Granted there is not a lot of info in this news release, but you're commenting on a small 360 camera that no one is going to be hand holding for any length of time, nor admiring for its looks, i.e., you're applying the wrong criteria to assess this camera. When was the last time you saw a surveillance or streaming webcam and judged it for its aesthetics?

As for the ridged casing, Ricoh has indicated that this is for surface area as the case acts as a heatsink. This is necessary since the camera is meant to be run potentially non-stop, unlike the other Thetas. There's no issue of skin grease because no one is going to be holding it for very long -- it doesn't have a battery because that space is used to provide more processing power to handle real-time stitching.

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jaxson: Summary: Pentax just enabled Beast Mode.

Safe to say Red, you don't know about either Pentax or Polaroid.

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Silat Shooter: As a former Pentax 67 user, I have a soft spot for Pentax. So really happy to see them with this winner! Very, very tempted to pick one up, only thing keeping me is my heavy investment in Canon mount glass. Wish the Sigma Art lenses were weather sealed, would love a 24, 35, 50, 85 set-up of weather sealed lenses to go with this body and just go shoot regardless of weather conditions.

Haven't handled one yet, no local dealers carry Pentax. So have to rely on sites like this and YouTube. Other than the investment in new glass to accommodate this camera, want to see how quickly, easily it is to change the focus points within the frame. I've become spoiled by a few current cameras I have that do that well. So it's a feature I now look for in any camera moving forward.

Loving this camera the more I read!

Hardly the case RedFox88. The K-1 is very much in keeping with Pentax cameras of the past, a lot of bang for the buck, innovative features, rugged with great image quality. It says Pentax and not Ricoh on the camera for a reason.

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Lhermine: If you compare a merging of 4 shoots of the K-1 versus only 1 shoot of the D810 isn't only but logical that the K-1 gives better results, don(t you think?

Lhermine, it's a fair comparison as is, which is that D810 can't compete with the K-1 as far as pixel shifting goes. You can't separate the fact that pixel shifting is entirely in camera and the ease of use that comes with that. You could merge 4 photos from the Nikon as you suggest, but that comes at the expense of getting the images off the camera, into a photo editing program, etc., etc. So the comparison would be the K-1 on its own vs a Nikon D810 with a computer.

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On article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review (2674 comments in total)
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Mike99999: Some observations (disclaimer: I hate Ricoh with a passion).

1. Looks like a very nice body! And very fairly priced. And some of those primes (200/2.8 and 300/4 are really cheap!) Sony lighting a fire under every DSLRs ass has resulted in some nice affordable bodies, like the Nikon D750, and now this Pentax.

2. Sony's 36 mpix sensor seems to be a budget sensor now. I expect it to be popping up everywhere then... e.g. D620, A7III, etc...

JustDavid, to be clear, Jorge Bayonas is formerly Jorge Pino, a known troll, who was banned as such. He seems to have missed the point the last time around.

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On article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review (2674 comments in total)
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jonny1976: good job pentax...553 comments, compared to 170 of canon 80d....clearly hit some buttons and souls...i suspect when both dxo rating and the still images with pixel shift technology will come out, many son ikon users will make harakiri...

Thanks phoenix15, you're absolutely right. It's been bugging me that I couldn't quite place him. Yes, he got banned in very short order as Jorge Pino.

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Provia_fan: It's a real shame. I won a Samsung GX20 a few years ago and loved their optics but stopped investing on the system when I saw it was going down the pan. Solid camera, nice image quality with editing on the move. Now they launch a great camera and discontinue it because there are better cameras out there? What kind of loser attitude is that? Particularly for a company? The camera is barely a year old!

I guess you're not aware that the GX20 is a rebranded Pentax K20D, which uses widely available K-mount lenses? The Pentax-Samung partnership was brief, but K-mount and the Pentax brand are still going strong; Pentax APS-C cameras are some of the best. Full frame K-mount DSLR comes out next year.

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On article Linkedin announces acquisition (28 comments in total)

LinkedIn is still a thing? Besides being a source of spam that is...

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Matewka: The portrait of the Ricoh representative, in comparison with portraits of representatives in other CP+ interviews only proves the general DPR's attitude to the company.

Barney don't worry about the lousy photo (bad angle and framing), it's not like this is a photography si... Oh. Never mind.

To be fair, the photo is inherently not good, in and of itself, totally aside from any comparison to the photos in any other interview.

Also to be fair, good interview.

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fmian: Extremely risky move dropping tech budget into this.
The market already has very dominant players in it.
Pentax should be trying to carve a new niche instead of trying to squeeze in between the competition.

Hardly risky. Pentax has been developing various technologies in other cameras which will trickle up to the FF, then new technologies introduced in the FF will trickle down to the APS-C models and even up to the 645Z. The tech won't be limited to just FF and they'll get mileage out of it.

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drummercam: Market release, late 2015. DPR review thereof, late 2017 . . . as part of a "round-up." It's Pentax.

Like seriously -- WTF drummercam?! I'm actually forced to agree with Barney on this one, much as it pains me :-)

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Zvonimir Tosic: This is the 135 format camera that EVERYBODY was waiting for.
Even those folks who had FF before. Why?
Because whenever it comes to a certain market, be it MF with their 645Z, or crop market with their K-5 and K-3, Pentax redefines expectations.
This one will most likely redefine anyone's understanding of what a good FF DSLR should be. Pentax is coming back to the playground Pentax HAS INVENTED, and they will surely punch high.

Hahaha! The Pentax Oracle strikes again! We can at least surely say it refined your expectations. From admitting you knew nothing about the camera while dismissing those who actually knew it was coming, we're back to more vacuous "predictions." Watch the whiplash on that 180!

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