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ProfHankD: This does not meet any technical definition of a "raw" format. I agree that DNG (and Cinema DNG) are not great, and actually aren't necessarily really raw either (e.g., DNGs from ADC generally lose information), but it's a misleading name. This is a cooked, lossy compressed, format with some potentially helpful features, but mostly it sounds like the win is that it doesn't do the reduction of color bit depth in typical YUV encoded video formats (including the various gradable log versions).

In sum, it all sounds like a very reasonable thing to do, and I strongly applaud if they actually release open source code for read and write, but Blackmagic RAW is a marketing lie of a name.

Oh, here we go again... more preachy RAW zealots attack a new format they have never tried. And attack those who outline the benefits as "sycophantic amateurs".

Don't use the RAW formats that don't meet your expectations. "Period"

The rest of us will use this RAW format if it provides the expected results, while not giving a hoot what the zealots think of us for enjoying it.

It's a good thing Blackmagic pay no attention to the armchair "engineers" and continue to make fantastic products for real.

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Langusta: Am I the only one who thinks it's ridiculous?
Why design (and buy) a phone that is so underwhelming in one of key aspects (availability/standby) and then cover the issue with an external fuel tank?
It's not just apple of course and it's not impossible to make it right, as there are numerous phones on the market that can do 2 days + with average use...just some marketing-born priorities set awfully wrong if you ask me.

I agree there @badi Design and engineering of these products requires some hard choices and sealed/waterproof wins out for most people.

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HayatoY: This camera might do double duty as a studio heater. The vents on the side and the processing power required to do 8K/240fps suggest it would run very hot.

@LJ - Eljot You seem to be arguing just to try and argue. HayatoY clearly states that there are vents. Computers warm up rooms with fans and vents. It is also the way many room heaters work. You clearly misread their comment.

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The Adobe Marketing Team will be here any moment pushing their latest update. They are instructed to use the phrase "The best keeps getting better" to support this release. Let's see how often they drop that marketing line in the comments. .

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grafguy: Serious? We need another one?
You are going to have to do some serious offering, futuristic offerings to supplant Adobe from my decades of Adobe use.

I agree with Andre-ju. Having plenty of choice means there are few excuses for not using something good.

Not sure about X3. I would consider it if I was still on Adobe software. But I also now use C1.

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On article Russian drone pilot pushes his tiny drone to 33,000ft (363 comments in total)
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tirreus: Absolutely amazing!!! Congratulations to the constructor! Even if I do not like Russians much, I have to say, I cross my fingers to those breakers of already outdated laws... The air cannot be taken by airplanes only and it is the aircraft industry who will have to come pretty soon with safety actions how to protect airplanes engines from small flyging objects... because no law will stop increasing amount of drone users... flying higher and higher, and wider and wider.... Human curiosity and will to go beyond limits will never stop and no law can stop it... I definitely admire and support this guy as the example of technical master skill and the example of freedom seeker and beyond known-limits explorer... Great job, Denis!

Steve, 1. is obvious. But 2. is a puzzle, I admit.

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Thoughts R Us: This is a perfect example of how internet chatter and griping does not at all coincide with market reality. The bottom line is that the market has spoken. The vast majority of users are not bothered by the new subscription model. In fact many may prefer it since it lowers the upfront cost and may make the software accessible to some for whom it otherwise would not be.

This reminds me a lot of the camera market: you hear a lot of internet griping about Canon not advancing fast enough, yet they continue to lead the market far and away.

The lesson: do not confuse the loud and vocal complaints you read on forums online with the real market. Those who post their gripes on forums are not at all representative of the market.

Yep, Thoughts R Us. Been reading your comments and you are an Adobe Troll.

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snapa: That is exactly why I switched from Adobe CS4 to Capture One Pro 10 for $50, one time cost. It is much better than CS4 was, and I will not need to pay monthly for Adobe to make $2.08 billion dollars four times a year. Especially since C1 Pro works much better, for me on my Sony camera. As for those who think it is worth it just to stay with Adobe, more power to you.

@Thoughts R Us. You continually contradict people with imaginary arguments. If Snapa says they paid that for their copy, then they paid that. And it is not misleading, just inconvenient for you.

If you are one of the Adobe marketing people whose job is to add comments on forums (I know a couple of them personally), then you are just putting people off with your nonsense.

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Samb15: Sometimes you can fool almost all of the people almost all of the time! The company makes overpriced bloat-filled garbage and people keep forking over money for it. Most of their software greatly slows computers, and not for the user's benefit, but for Adobe's -- it is the monitoring, and packages that enable them to push more junk that make these programmes so resource-consuming. In many cases they have bought companies making good software and raised the price three to four times without improving the product.

Using DxO, Ifranview, Topaz Filters, and even Gimp, one can do anything with a photo that PhotoShop and Lightroom can do, at a fraction of the price and without installing viruses on the computer. For audio, there are many choices that will do everything that Audition does.

Modern, well-designed websites no longer use Flash.

Do your research, and you can easily do without Adobe!

@Thoughts R Us. You are reading record profits as meaning things won't change. That's obviously a flawed argument. They increased subscription for many people in different geographical regions. That can account for increases. They also make a lot of money from non CC products.

You are guessing and equating your guess to a verdict.

You are probably on of the Adobe marketing people who frequent forums trying to hype up support for them. I know a couple of the Adobe people who do that. They will say anything because they think people are fools.

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stevo23: Sorry to all those still on Adobe - sorry that we're jumping ship and cause your costs to go up. Hopefully, Adobe gets the message soon. This company is off the rails and someone needs to send a clear message.

@miksto. Are you one of those Adobe Evangelists or so-called qualified experts? You are creeping me out with your Adobe boot-licking LOL

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FantasticMrFox: Oh, after five years the price is raised from $50 to $53. Oh, OH, mayhem, apocalypse, doom ...

Didn't rise for me. I slapped Adobe's hands off my wallet when they tried to open it.

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A Sony executive predicting what their competitors are going to do within a year is a fairly sure bet. If Sony don't know what their competitors are up to within that time frame, then they are not taking the business seriously. Given the number of suppliers in common, they should know.

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Wellington100: Its illegal and bad to do but leaving that aside it its amazing footage and a very skilled drone pilot.

A cool video, MiamiC70? You better not be watching it instead of finishing your homework for school tomorrow!!

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On article Apple iPhone X review (380 comments in total)

Sometimes I think people here are like the annoying "audiophiles" who don't enjoy music that isn't played with the "right" audio equipment.

The most recent smartphones produce great images. Not technically better than DSLR's, but certainly enjoyable for the majority of people who look at the image as a whole rather than each pixel.

The iPhone X is top of the pile for many people and fair play to those who go out and take great photos with it. I can see why they don't give a damn what people on the internet think of them. Photography with any camera you choose can be enjoyable.

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The stock business has definitely changed beyond recognition in recent years. Sad to see any long term business close down, but it is a case of adapt or close I think.

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D200_4me: Looks like the trick is buying a really long, expensive lens. Then everything in the foreground and background just blurs away into nothing and you're left with just the small strip of your subject in focus. Shooting with wider lenses and wider scenes overall is much more challenging since you have to think about all those other things in the scene and if they work or not. Anyway, he's got some nice images. I like the overall look and feel of them...color, etc.

@D200_4me. When you opened with the line "the trick is buying a really long, expensive lens", you had to expect that anyone who understands English will take that to mean you can just buy yourself into taking shots of this quality.

I can understand the reaction from others to your post, because that is exactly how I interpreted your post. And I do not agree that any money on "expensive" gear will get you what this young man is capable of.

The use of the word "trick" didn't help either. The dictionary defines it as "a cunning act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone." and "a skilful act performed for entertainment or amusement.". Neither is true here. But I can understand if that is not what you meant when you thought about it.

These images are the result of determination and patience along with an interest in nature and keen eye for a good image.

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net1994: Does DPReview own Peta Pixel site, or vice versa? So many articles recently on DPReview are on petapixel. Same exact articles.

piratejabez, strange that of the millions of stories on that subject matter out there, that they so frequently post identical articles. Wouldn't those with an interest in the same subject matter visit both and like to see different articles?

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lukecookphoto: Their excuse for doing this is ridiculous. Just let the battery drain faster as it ages, this is just done to nudge people to upgrade and should not be in existence in a cheap phone and certainly not in their premium (overpriced) handsets.

The mark up on high end smartphones is ridiculous. I hope Xiaomi keep getting bigger and bigger to disrupt the market with their extremely bang for buck devices.

People will complain either way. My biggest complaint about my Xiaomi was that it ran out of power too fast when I had it less than 2 years. Not buying another one.

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tbcass: I'm done. Apple sucks big time. When I upgrade from my iPhone 6s it will be to a Samsung.

Haven't you been saying that for years now?

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Kszchopstix: I have a sneaky suspicion that all phone vendors do this. Not only apple but Samsung, LG, asus, they're all complicit on this planned obsolescence to make you spend money when your device is fully functional and drive the consumer machine.

@PaulSnowcat. Are you sure? I gave an iPhone 5S to a friend with a Xiaomi that had slowed down to a crawl. Just checked and the old iPhone is still working great.

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