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  • Sony 135 STF, Zeiss 135 APO, Fuji 56 APD, Nikon 105 DC, Canon 135/2, Laowa 105/2

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    Thank you for the kind words, David! The Dolomiti shots should all just be 21:9 crops. When I'm around in my roadster usually I'm in attack mode and more often than not shots just happen by ...
  • Created discussion thread Thanks LX100
    for always being around with me, e.g. ... in Viennese winter ... the Italian Dolomites ... and in Slovenian ...
  • Some still available in GB and probably plenty and cheap used once the 1080Ti is out.
  • Easy to do with native Skylake processor support. Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K RAM: Crucial DIMM Kit 16GB, DDR4-2133, CL15 Case: Jonsbo UMX4 S CPU Cooler: ID-Cooling ...
  • Sorry, didn't mean that as a bad word.  Never heard someone doing it like you do, so I was wondering. I will try to be more cautious next time. ??? That is your interpretation, no idea how you came ...
  • I had mount repaired twice after I dropped my cameras from very low heights (silly me). Those "metal mounts" are actually held in place in their "magnesium bodies" with 4 puny screws in plastic. ...
  • Why the hate? I just never heard that someone crops images for a certain display deliberately leaving two rows of icons behind them. I'm really curious, why not fill the whole screen? I export my ...
  • That 15:9 ratio and the reasoning behind it is very peculiar. Why would you want distracting black bars with icons on them besides your images while deliberately looking at them? And you need to ...
  • ... which is the biggest my Epson 4900 can produce in 16:9 or 21:9 aspect ratios / what my Dell UP2715K can display. I have to say I print far less since I have that 5K display.
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    Please try it out and have fun with it! I'm tempted by this lens since years.
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    Are you sure? :)
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    Nikon's 105 and 135mm DC lenses mimic this effect with intentionally applying spherical aberration. Upside is you can still use phase detection autofocus (Fuji's 56 APD is the only AF lens with an ...
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    If you see the diaphragm in a shot made with such a lens, it was stopped down. BTW, the 135 STF has two diaphragm: I don't really understand this dual setup, ...
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    Geometrically perfect hard edged Airy discs will always render distracting bokeh, e.g. when having tree branches or point light sources in the background. Visible perfectly round colour discs will ...
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    True, my bad. I guess OP's image was taken during a live event. Now what? It's fine. But please notice I was discussing to the above flickr image and how its photographer very obviously wanted to ...
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    A perfect lens wouldn't render hard-edged airy discs but soft blobs. Impossible without an apodisation element with infinite density at the border next to a fully open aperture.
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    We're talking about this image. Anyway: Noticed that you cropped out quite a lot (so in essence, we should all get ...
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    (1) Great scientific effort! Those slit scan images of yours really are intriguing as well, kudos!
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    ... at which point you'd probably be left with a bland black background. Oh boy, bokeh-peeping really is worse than pixel-peeping. :D
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