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Chris Kyriakides: Using Moto G5 Plus for about a month (SKU: XT1684 3GB RAM w/ 32GB). IMHO it is a great camera phone. However there is one major shortcoming that is overlooked in most reviews -- it lacks a compass sensor! For some it might not be an issue; for others it is more serious.
2 smartphone functions are affected by this:
1) Great photo location planning apps exist (e.g., Sun Locator Lite on Android). The sunrise/sunset time & location (or that of the moon) can be seen on a map overlay or even more useful using augmented reality and you phone's camera. However, without a compass sensor the latter will not work!!!
2) GPS Navigation: Without a compass/magnetometer sensor a GPS Mapping app cannot work out which direction you are facing. It is only when you are moving (some distance) that the software will work out your direction. Rotating on the spot will not change your app's direction pointer! As a photographer in an unfamiliar city it can prove frustrating finding your way around on foot.

I thought it had a compass from the online specs. Was going to order this weekend and you saved a return. REALLY need a compass. Even a $19.00 Hydro has a compass but a terrible camera.

Much appreciated.

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In 1996 on the NYC subway heading down to China Town for a shoot I had a then VERY expensive Fuji 515 in a backpack along with a myriad of lenses. Subway being very crowded I had to take the backpack off and must have bumped a zipper. The camera must have came out on the floor while I was seated and getting off at my stop did not see it. I was grabbed by arm right before getting off by a young man to see if it was my camera. I could have been out $23K in 2014 inflated dollars if not for the young man stepping up. In Boston's Faneuil Hall years later while shooting with a Nikon 990 (then around a $1K) I let my young son take a picture, who when done put the camera on a bench he was sitting on. I realized minutes later he did not have the camera and it was not on the bench when we went to look for it and it was gone. My wife said to go see if anyone turned it in. Well I did and I someone did turn it in. Check your gear before getting up and most important for me, listen to your spouse.

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