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Kivivuori: Well done, Zion Nation Park !


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Mike Sandman: An alternative to the ExpoDisc: Light Meter, an app that uses your smartphone to show both exposure and color temperature

Please explain which of 11 apps that are called "Light Meter" and dozens with similar names.

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On article DPReview Asks: What was your first camera? (765 comments in total)

A Kodak Brownie Fiesta 1962 I was 9. due to my Father owning a studio I learned from him. In the next 10 years I had the opportunity to use the following: 2¼"sq Twin lens Yashica, 4X5" Graflex Crown and Speed "press" cameras, a Koni-Omega Rapid and Rapid-M, A 5X7" view camera, A Mamiya 6X7cm, 2 Minolta 35mm and an Olympus 35mm. LATER: I purchased a Minolta X-700 which I loved ater a View camera and a Rollie 6cm sq [amazing deals that proved of little use as my lab stopped processing LF and threatened to stop 120 and 220 processing next nearest LF lab was 125 miles away and wanted $7 per sheet of film plus H&S also steep, for a 1 week turnaround BTW No proofs] My reaction was to move totally to digital.

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adhemar: Corel AfterShot Pro is a raw editor, like camera raw. Corel's editor is PaintShop Pro.

Yes! I almost sent her a nasty gram.

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This is an idiot idea!!! Shall there never be another photo if the Eiffel tower ? even when they paint it another color, lightening strikes, a dignitary visits, when my family is near on on it.; or even when I have a view none have seen before.

The courthouse in my home town has been added to, changed its apparent color [after many decades of coal dust from houses, businesses but mostly trains in the days of wood and coal burners] sometime ago it was cleaned to its natural color. So, with this horrendous idea if it had been a more popular subject there would be no new photos. Wow!!! this idea should get the stupid idea in photography at least of the decade and be hing in the running for the century. It is an extremely negative brain freezing, money grab for certain large companies and will serve none well except the very, very, very, few. the rest of humanity will suffer much more than seeing a few popular sites over and over again.

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On article Fujifilm releases X-S1 premium EXR 26X superzoom (383 comments in total)

Geeeez!! It is small compared to my DSLR, and the 4 to 6 plus lenses I would have to carry to cover its range. So that is not the question. The questions are quality of the images and, speed of the RAW [my S9100 was 10 seconds per shot in RAW], street price and handling, and HIGH ISO Shots quality along with other smaller questions.

If it passes these tests I may get one as my primary back u-p and carry around since it is sa SMALL by comparison.

Yes!!! Irealize it is larger than a micro with their limited quality and abilities but otherwise it is a great size and yes I would like a Micro camera [Shirt pocket size] for my wife and as a replacement for my F30. But this is a much more practical camera size.

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Interesting! Seems to be a Very unfair review. am I missing something???

You compared a [US street price] $109 HP against a Epson $171 and a Canon [indicated the best] at $390.

Why not compare a cheap Canon against an expensive HP and Epson and see what happens then.

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