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Jacques Cornell

Lives in United States Brooklyn, NY, United States
Works as a photographer
Has a website at jacquescornell.photography
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About me:

I've been actively engaged in photography for about 35 years, the past 20 as a professional. I studied photography at the Institute for Contemporary Photography in Tokyo and the International Center of Photography in New York, have photos in the permanent collection at the Kiyosato Museum of Photography in Japan, have taught photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the International Center of Photography in New York, co-founded event photography company Happening Photos in New York, and serve clients around the world. I also shoot, print, exhibit and sell fine art travel & landscape photos.

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  • LMAO. Yeah, this is why I chose to specialize in corporate events. Similar kind of work, but almost no drama. Also, no endless hours of hand-holding before and after. And, they’re almost all ...
  • Maybe LibreOffice is the culprit and not “memory issues”. I can’t recall EVER having memory issues in my past 20 years of using macOS, other than my own faulty gray matter. For a very long time now ...
  • You can also shoot a scene in segments and Merge To Pano in Lightroom, yielding potentially huge files for making big prints. Feel free to ask me questions. There’s an article on my blog about ...
  • Do you have any evidence that this lens is a retrofocus design? Given Zeiss’ experience in making some of the best rangefinder lenses in the world, I suspect you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  • Tell it to Leica.

  • "fixed screen makes it useless for me for street photography"

    Yeah, nobody could do street photography with 35mm film cameras...

  • I'd be delighted if they'd buy the Contax brand from Kyocera and make a digital G2 body for use with the fantabulous Contax/Zeiss rangefinder lenses. The G2 was a glorious modern homage to "back to...

  • New cuisine arises not from new ingredients, but from new recipes.

  • Replied in Why?
    I wasn't interested in testing DoF or high ISO because I already know the differences are quite significant. I was interested in testing the ability of my various cameras and lenses to produce ...
  • Replied in Why?
    To be fair, at 36" the differences between, say, the LX100 and GX9 are quite clear at 50% view - 100% "pixel peeping" is not required. Same goes for the GX9 vs a7RIII.
  • Replied in Why?
    Do you realize that if you never intend to print larger than 24" (most people don't), then it makes no difference? That's the whole point.
  • Replied in Why?
    Quite right. We've all provided input based on our own experience and beliefs. It's up to the OP and other interested readers to draw their own conclusions. When I have time, I'll post visual ...
  • Replied in Why?
    Only you can discern what constitutes a worthwhile payoff for you. I am NOT arguing in bad faith. I'm reporting the results of my own long experience and careful testing.
  • Replied in Why?
    There's nothing wrong with liking a certain look or sound. I like the sound of my NHTs better than my Martin-Logans, and I don't care what the numbers say. But, if you want to persuade someone ...
  • I felt that way about the EC dial before I added a GX8 and GX9 alongside my GX7. Now I like it. Don't use it a lot, but it comes in handy. I agree that the GX7 is a big upgrade in every way but ...
  • Michael,

    I agree. macOS window control buttons used to be better many years ago. The green one used to maximize the window size then return it to original size. Now, it switches to "full screen",...

  • TomN has it right. 4K on a 24" display gives you crisper text (though not appreciably more image detail) without requiring toggling workspace size between image and text uses (as my 32" does). 4K ...
  • What??? "Image brilliance"??? Brilliance is a function of screen brightness and contrast, not resolution. A too-bright screen will lead to muddy prints. The appearance of detail in an image is ...
  • In theory, yes. However, I've worked on both wide-gamut and sRGB NEC displays over the past 15 years, and I can't say that wide gamut has helped substantially. Yes, there are some images with ...
  • Replied in Why?
    I find it interesting that NO adherents of this theory have bothered to shoot the same image with sensors of various formats to illustrate the alleged effect for us all to see. I shot over 300 ...
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