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    Yes, 'US scientists' had a pow wow and gave their blessings on Mard Gras. Meanwhile, China was blocking scientific aid/investigation from other countries, suppressing doctors from releasing public ...
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    Is "the genetic code of SARS-CoV-2" proprietary information?
  • Replied in Italy
    'smart enough to control it' "smart enough to control it" continued
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    I only know of one fool that would be praising China for their 'smarts' in this mess, Mama. What happened when the US offered to bring some (real) scientists in to investigate the problem?
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    China can't even prevent the origin of these animal viruses. Their population isn't educated enough.
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    Yes, I think we should follow the model of China with unregulated, filthy, disgusting bushmeat markets with the cages stacked on top of each other. When viruses break out, silence the masses! May ...
  • China needs to 'lockdown' some serious world relief aid ($$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$) for their complete and utter FAILURE to 'lockdown' people out of the Wuhan area in the weeks it was determined they ...
  • Let us know when you can formulate a thought on your own, Prosecutor.

    See ya in a few months on that 'prediction'.

  • one multi-roll package TP 'in storage' = one less multi-roll package TP in use
  • The hoarding of toilet paper brings to mind these three words: 1) irrationality 2) selfishness 3) stupidity
  • 'Wel' Prosecutor, your mindless regurgitation of numbers from 'experts' at 'WHO' is what will end up being deceptive (as well as irresponsible, FUD spreading and downright ludicrous).

    Speak not of...

  • 'Prosecutor' is predicting 10 million deaths in the US and about 200 million deaths worldwide. Uncontrollable in the US! Mark those words!

  • Replied in why yes,
    I often associate trench warfare with some fool taking their millionth 'selfie'.
  • Replied in Please do,
    What I'm 'trying to say', is that I see nothing "great" about Dorothea Lange's (paid) photography other than it tugged at the heartstrings of the general public and raised some social awareness at ...
  • Replied in Please do,
    let's hear more (and more) about the 'internal inconsistencies of this essay'. Now, let's imagine Dorothea Lange's face plastered on a Depresson Era photograph as the 'Migrant Grandmother' and ...
  • Jesse Owens 1936 Olympics
  • Replied in yes,
    the 'nightscapes' do appear to be from another planet.
  • What kind of dimwit thinks they can even remotely contribute to a 'is the NIkon D780 right for you' article after posting thousands (upon thousands) of useless, one trick pony comments on the...

  • "Trump Jr. like rants"
    You are as close to being a photographer as 'The Bern' is to becoming POTUS.

    "those are lens tests where the lens is leveled on all axis. The center of the image landed on...

  • If there was ever "babbling" on the DPReview forums, it would be some long-winded comedy about being a "traveler first" on a not-to-be-named 'about me' page.

    Followed by 'detail examples' of Texas...

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