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Why couldn't they include 4K ... ??!! They introduce Digic 7 to the world in this cheesy camera... and leave out one crucial element that could potentially tip the scales in their favor...

Best to stick with Sony's RX100 series in this segment... Great IQ (with mark IV ) and outstanding video specs... They're always on top of their game here...

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Why can't Canon make the jump to 1.5 crop sensors... instead of continually harping on their 1.6 crop lineage...??!! I mean who cares about 10mm of focal length when that 10mm could translate to considerably better noise & DR performance...

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Just for one generation at least I wish Canon would incorporate that new 24 MP Sony APS-C sensor in the A6300 ... failing which that 28 MP Samsung sensor would do nicely too... Blow away the competition in low light, DR & colour fidelity and call it a day...

They can go back to using their in-house sensors thereafter...

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JRFlorendo: According to Digital Camera World; "The sensor gets a modest resoltuion upgrade, from 18 megapixels to 20, but the real work here has gone on behind the scenes, with the NEW ON-CHIP A/D converter design and Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology for faster, smoother live view autofocus."


If Canon can achieve 12.4 evs without on chip A/D conversion... then it only stands to reason that on chip A/D implemented would almost guarantee to increase that figure significantly...

And besides by all accounts they've had an ample amount of time & expertise in stripping and analyzing Sony's sensors in Nikon cameras... Canon's iteration will in all likelihood be as good... :) :)

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Frank C.: I dunno, I think the new Nikon is gonna smack this camera... is Canon still using their own sensors with the inferior DR? Aren't Canon owners fed up by now?

"I think the new Nikon is gonna smack this camera" ..... :) :)

Yes indeed... stress upon the "you think" bit... :) ... Yes... its always nice to dream... perhaps DXO will fulfill your desires... :)

I'm sure Canon has made such an "inferior" product for the pro segment at this price range... :) :)

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neatnclean: More of the same ...
Bit better sensor, but probably still not as good as competition
More video, sort of 4K, but not as good as real video cam
DPAF on sensor, but only limited usage in some modes
Still no EyeControl-AF Mk. II for a really intuitive AF user interface

At the end of the day: yet another big, fat, heavy, expensive brick with flapping mirror. Yawn.

So you were expecting something around the size of an RX100 or at the very least an A6000 ... with the performance of 1DX II & D5 levels... :)

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Is Nikon deviating from Sony made sensors...??!! Is this Aptina's new APS-C offering...?!

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Canon needs to get their hands on this sensor... They would truly exploit this baby to its full potential... Maybe a 5D Mark IV with this would constitute the pinnacle of photography...

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Honestly... integrity... and transparency are DXO's 3 main mottos... How dare any of you chastise them for distorting sensor scores... A camera of this caliber comes around only once in a generation... if you're lucky... :)

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freediverx: What is the purpose of increasing the resolution on smartphone displays beyond the point where it can be perceived by the human eye from normal viewing distances?

This just adds cost, battery consumption, and processing overhead without providing the user with any appreciable benefits. Typical of a company focused on fooling gullible buyers with meaningless specs instead of focusing on solving problems.

If Samsung, LG & Apple get their hands on this sensor - then and only then will you have class leading image quality...

Sony's image processing is absolutely horrible...!!! Through generations I just cannot bring myself to even pretend to find it acceptable...

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RichRMA: Why would DXO sell such a junky little camera?

They probably want to try and make a quick buck of the gullible masses...

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Why must Sony constantly utilize the disastrous Snapdragon 810 chipset...?! Can't they make a complete switch to the class leading 14 nm Exynos 7420 ...

Most unfortunate...

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bluevellet: R.I.P. Canon

Oh wait, it's not that kind of article/review?

Bash Canon all you like - - - Nikon will never be No. 1 ... The top spot will probably be contested by only Canon, Sony and Samsung in the near future...

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Robert Kempen: Leica Q wins European premium compact camera award and is selling faster than Leica can manufacture

I can hear the haters already "at that price etc etc"

Europeans care about quality and buy to their requirements - these awards are probably a very accurate reflection of where the industry stands

Well done to all the winners

Is this your logic in defending Canon trumping Nikon to the top spot...?! The best camera award is meant for precisely that - the best all-round camera - period. Not who has more distribution channels... :) Alas some unfathomable excuses are in order to defend the other brands somewhat secondary status...

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MrViko: 1k for that terrible dynamic range. I'm sorry Canon but you killed the G serie after G16. Also external viewfinder selling is awefull marketing trick for telephoto segment.

@ cgarrard - I meant to say " It'll " ... :) :) :)

@ MrViko - do you mean the A6000 ? ... At APS-C level image quality is excellent across the board regardless of manufacturer... This particular camera is extremely compelling mainly for its zoom range & 1" sensor ... If you check out photographyblog - there are 1 or 2 samples of full zoom at ISO 1600 and the image quality is great ...

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MrViko: 1k for that terrible dynamic range. I'm sorry Canon but you killed the G serie after G16. Also external viewfinder selling is awefull marketing trick for telephoto segment.

I'll probably have the best dynamic range & noise performance amongst 1" sensor cameras...

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Chaitanya S: Seriously why is Canon dropping ball on 4K? its not like this camera is going to damage sales of higher end cinema cameras. Also both Panasonic and Sony competitors in this category both shoot 4K. Canon is seriously acting dumb, they need to restructure or they will lose market soon.

"they feel 4K isn't necessary on a powershot yet b) they haven't the sensor and/or technology to drive 4K" ... They're using a Sony sensor... most likely the same sensor as the FZ1000 ... its obviously capable of 4K ... Canon just doesn't want to give customers 4K yet in a point & shoot camera... Maybe next year...

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lensberg: Wish Sony would swipe a few of Canon's or Nikon's engineers... They have amazing technology... but their overall image processing still needs a little catching up to do compared to these two stalwarts...

And with Sony corps money its really shouldn't be a problem...

@futile32 - Its subpar in the sense that at high iso's Sony noise reduction algorithms tend to produce a clumpy, pastel like effect... which looks atrocious viewed at 100% ... Canon is more aggressive in their smearing noise away... but over the last couple of years they've refined it to the point that they still manage to preserve and produce an acceptable image again viewed at 100% ... Take Sony's 1" sensors in the RX100 III & the G7 X ... Canons images are generally superior... Nikon strikes the best balance... not to averse to noise whilst keeping it in check, and yet retaining a commendable level of fine detail. The only real debate here is between Canon and Nikon as to who's image quality is better. Sony's got some way to go still...

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